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Set the “Google Map Address” for store in the Opencart Multi Vendor

Google Map Address is a very useful feature for users. In this feature, Admin can set the Google map address to every seller store. The seller can set the Google map address according to himself. Due ...

Hide Seller in Opencart Multivendor integrated website for users

In the Opencart Multi Vendor integrated website sellers sell their products and services after completing the appropriate process of subscription as well as other requirements for registration. at times, the owner or administrator of the marketplace might need to remove sellers from the frontend from users. In this article, These are settings that may be disabled and enabled in accordance with the needs.

Check on Existing Products in Opencart bulk upload and update

Admin and seller both can Export and Import Products data, If you will tick the new feature "Check Existing Products" checkbox then you'll notice"matching columns" in the "matching column" section as ...

How seller subscribes to subscription plan in Opencart Multi Vendor

The subscription plan is the actually a bill that the seller has to pay to admin for selling the products on the admin eCommerce multivendor Opencart website, actually, the admin is the owner of the website, so obviously admin will charge money to use the grant to the seller, The subscription plans are also given an indication on validity, number of featured services, etc. artilce desribes seller can subscribe to the plan.

Manage clip art in Opencart Custom Product Designer Extension

Opencart Custom Product designer extension has many exclusive functionalities, clipart is one of them, you will be able to use it in a very well way if go through this article on how to manage clipart. This article describes how to add, delete and use clipart for your online product design.

Email Notifications in Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace

The mail notifications are sent to admin, customers, and sellers under many cases, either related to registration, order, subscriptions, commission, status completions, payments, etc. In Opencart Multi Vendor this functionality is of great use.

Benefits & Process of login using Opencart Social Login

Purpletree's top-selling Opencart Extension, Opencart Social Login Extension will help you integrate Social Login functionalty into your Opencart eCommerce site. It will make faesible for valuable customers to login to their user account in a very secure and fast way.

How to disable Opencart Extension

It is required for meeting many necessary conditions to disable the opencart extension, it can be required for testing Purpose or other requirements, this article describes the correct and very smooth way to disable the Opencart Module.

Seller store of Magento Multivendor Marketplace

Magento Multivendor Marketplace is the most trusted extension for Magento2 websites. It provides a complete solution to convert your Magento website into a Magento Multivendor website. You can search for functionality in the seller shop if the extension has been installed on Magento.

Handling Seller Product Return in Opencart Multivendor

In some cases, a customer may need to return products purchased in an order. Opencart eCommerce websites that have integrated with Opencart Multivendor can send vendor products back. Purpletree Opencart Complete Multivendor Marketplace has an informative article that explains how seller products are returned. This article will provide you with the seller product return perspectives of all admins, vendors, customers.

Modes available in Downloadable Products Pro for Magento 2

Configuring the "Downloadable products pro" extension is easy. Install the "Downloadable Products pro" extension to your website and you can easily manage the download product from the admin.Purpletree Downloadable products pro extension helps you in setting the options for downloadable products on your Magento 2 website, there are two modes available based on product and support date expiration,

Manage categories of Blogs in Opencart Blog Extension

You can increase your business and revenue by publishing articles and blogs on the opencart eCommerce site. If you want to manage blogs on opencart website in a pro way, you should use best selling opencart Blog pro extension,

Background image options in Opencart Web To Print extension

You are searching for information and knowledge about how to make background images always top in custom product designers extension for open cart. A web to print website has functionality that allows customers to go to the website and select a product such as a t-shirt, cup, or envelope. Then, they can customize their designs. Designs are printed according to the customer's specifications.

Use Knowledge base articles and guides for support of Purpletree Extensions

Purpletree Software is the best-respected destination for Opencart & Magento Extensions purchase. If you use any extensions from Purpletree Software, you can get guidance and support using knowledge base articles and user guides.

How customer can request quote for products in Magento2

Purpletree Magento 2 Request For Quote Extension is the best solution for customers who need to request product order quotes. Please refer to the article

How to print book in custom product designer extension for opencart

Purpletree Opencart Product Designer Extension Designer allows admin to create any product and design the area where front users can add text, clipart and images. The admin then receives the order and can print the product.

Highlight new products and discount products using Opencart Product Image Labeler

You can highlight your product by using labels on opencart e-commerce website, such as discounted, new, or exclusive products. Purpletree Opencart Product Labeler Extension is a great tool. Please see this article for more information.

Why Opencart website needs stock notification extension

Purpletree Opencart stock notifications is an extremely useful extension for Opencart that can help you increase sales and boost your business revenue. It basically notifies admin when a product is out of stock so admin can work to get them back in stock.

Top Opencart extensions From purpletree Software

Take a look at this article about top-rated Opencart extensions to manage orders, products, and shipping. It will assist you in choosing the best Opencart extensions that can be used on your opencart eCommerce site. These all Opencart Extensions will be very helpful to you.

Business and Revenue generation from Opencart Multivendor website

Opencart Multivendor admin makes money in three ways. One is selling his product through the marketplace as an admin. If there are many sellers, traffic will increase and become more popular. So if the admin sells his product, it will help him get more customers. This will result in a positive growth in revenue. then from commission and subscribtion payment