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Multiple languages support for OpenCart Product Designer

Purpletree The Custom Product Designer extension provides an easy, Opencart-based website to print custom online designs for your products. so that customers can design your own unique product designs. The extension is compatible with different languages. English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish is supported in the Purpletree Designer Extension. Customized Product Designer Extension.

Save Design Option In Opencart Custom Product Designer by Purpletree

Purpletree Custom Product Designer extension offers many choices for customers who want to use online printing services. Because of all this options Purpletree Custom Product Designer is the most well-known extension. Users can create the design for any item to be printed.

OTP verification during Customer Login using Opencart SMS and OTP Extension

In Purpletree SMS Opencart extension a new feature is developed “login with email id and password using OTP verification”. You can receive OTP verification of your account login via E-mail, Mobile and...

Customer Login with Mobile Number and OTP using OpenCart SMS OTP Module

New Features are available in Opencart SMS OTP extension by Purpletree. OTP verification during customer log in using Email ID and Password method. Customer login with Mobile Number and OTP. You can use any method for customer login as enabled by admin from settings.

Seller Account Terms for Registration Form in Opencart MultiVendor

To know the process of showing information policy page on seller account terms select and show.

Hide Customer Details from Seller in OpenCart Multivendor Marketplace

Purpletree OpenCart Multi-Vendor has developed a new feature “Hide customer details from seller”. Admin can hide the customer details for sellers if needed. This feature will hide customer detail for ...

Hide Non Required Seller Registration Fields In OpenCart Multi Vendor

Purpletree OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace converts your OpenCart eCommerce website into the Multivendor Marketplace, where many vendors can register themes elves and start selling their products, t...

Bulk Upload PDF Files using Opencart PDF Upload Extension

Bulk upload PDF is a new feature developed 9in Purpletree Opencart PDF Catalog/Manual/Brochure extension. It uploads multiple PDFs file through an excel sheet in a single click. You can bulk upload PD...

Customers inquiries to vendors in Magento2 Multi Vendor Marketplace

To know the process of how customers can make enquiries to vendors in Purpletree Magento2 Multi Vendor Marketplace. It will guide you thoroughly regarding the process of customer enquiries to the admin

Permission denied error during installation of Opencart Extension

Please see whenever you install an OpenCart Extensions and heads towards the Extension>Extension>Module, and click for activating the module you must have seen an error that permission denied. This error comes when you did not provide the required permission for administrator and Demonstrator in user groups. If you provide these permissions while installing the OpenCart Extensions this error is removed.

How admin can control Category, Product and vendor in Magento Multivendor

Magento, Magento multivendor, Magento multi vendor, marketplace Magento

Order visibility in Seller Panel in Opencart Multivendor

To know the process of solving orders not showing in Opencart Multivendor seller panel. This article describes thoroughly to solve these issues.

Creating vendors and their products as Admin in Opencart Multi vendor

Purpletree Software LLP provides no.1 selling Opencart Multivendor, it has 1500 + sales on Opencart Marketplace itself that is the biggest for any multivendor in the market. In multivendor, admin can ...

How Admin can update Master data in RMA Magento2 Extension

All eCommerce websites handle returns and refunds. RMA stands for (Return Merchandise Authorization). When customers buy certain products on an e-commerce website. After that when the customer gets th...

Options for vendors for Template Product in Opencart Multi Vendor

Purpletree provides you with the new latest feature Template product “options “ in opencart Multi-Vendor which provides the seller can now set the different prices for the same product with options al...

Shipping methods for Opencart Multi Vendor Website

In Opencart eCommerce website, different shipping methods can be integrated Flat rate, free shipping, DTDC, Australia Post etc. When you chose Opencart shipping method shipping charges will work accor...

Importing seller's products using Purpletree Multi Vendor for Magento 2

Purpletree marketplace module is the best selling product for magento2 CMS.  This module gives us to create and manage multiple sellers. we can create multiple stores on Magento 2 CMS. In this mo...

Showing seller panel link on Opencart Multi Vendor website

Purpletree Software provides you with an easy solution. You can fix your problem with Seller Login and Browse Seller Link not showing related issues in Opencart Multi-Vendor marketplace by following t...

Multiple functionalities of OpenCart PDF Upload Extension

Purpletree Opencart PDF catalogue/manual/brochure for Opencart extension provides the good functionalities to use to add PDFs like Product information guide, Product manual, catalogue for the product....