How admins can add and assign product to POS in Purpletree POS

Introduction: Managing Point of Sale (POS) products in OpenCart doesn't have to be complicated. Let's break it down into simple steps for admins.

  1. Accessing POS Settings:

    • Go to the admin panel in OpenCart.
    • Find the POS.

      (Collect additional details regarding the Purpletree OpenCart POS system.)

  2. Creating New POS Products:

    • Go to POS>product>Add product tab, You will be redirected to Admin>Catalog > Product > Add Product.

    • Fill in product details like name, description, and price.
    • Look for the extra field labelled "POS" and fill in "POS status" and Quantity it accordingly.

      1 pos



  3. Streamlined Form Fill:

    • Fill out the comprehensive product form.
    • Include General, Data, Links, Attributes, and Option details.
    • Don't forget to input POS-specific information like status and quantity.

      2 pos
  4. Assigning Existing Products to POS:

    • Locate the product you want to assign to POS from OpenCart>Catalog>Products>Edit Product.
    • Look for the POS Tab.
    • Specify the quantity available for POS transactions.
    • Mark the product with a POS status (enabled or disabled)

    • pos n2

      Enhanced Visibility and Updates:

        • Keep track of POS products easily with visible status and quantity fields.

  5. User-Friendly Interface:

    • OpenCart offers an intuitive interface.
    • Admins can efficiently manage POS products without complications.

Conclusion: Managing POS products in OpenCart is straightforward. By following these simple steps, administrators can streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction effortlessly.