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Opencart Point of Sale by Purpletree is an extension, when installed on an Opencart eCommerce website, that allows Opencart eCommerce website owners to generate orders from their website and for their offline store also, using the same setup which was used for the website. With almost no additional cost on the IT systems.

The orders created are synchronized and created in the same database as the Opencart eCommerce website.

Supported & Tested Opencart Versions

Supports Opencart All 4.x (Including latest, and all 3.x

Assured support for our products, provided by senior developers

Demo of Opencart POS

The demo is the same for all versions of OpenCart

Install Guide on OpenCart 4

POS Admin

Demo POS Admin

Usename: [email protected]

Password: demo123

POS Agent

Demo POS Agent

Usename: [email protected]

Password: demo123

Website Admin Features

Return Action and Return Status:
Effortlessly configure the return action and status to streamline the return process.

Customize Receipt Footer Details:
Tailor the details displayed on receipts, including the footer information, to meet your specific preferences.

Create and Assign POS Agents and Admins:
Establish and allocate roles for Point of Sale agents and administrators to manage and oversee the system effectively.

Add and Assign Products to POS System:
Seamlessly integrate and allocate products to the Point of Sale (POS) system for smooth transaction processing.

Mass Print Barcodes:
Save time and effort by printing barcodes for multiple products in bulk using Purpletree OpenCart Product POS.

Comprehensive Sales Reports:
Access valuable insights into sales performance through detailed and comprehensive reports, aiding in informed decision-making.

POS Agent/Admin


Access and Manage Products from POS System Backend:
Effortlessly navigate and oversee all products directly from the backend of the Point of Sale (POS) system.

Create Orders from POS System Backend:
Initiate and manage customer orders efficiently using the backend capabilities of the POS system.

Simplify Customer Management:
Streamline customer management by creating and overseeing customer details directly from the backend of the POS system.

Barcode Scanning Capability:
Enable efficient and accurate transactions by incorporating the capability to scan barcodes.

Enhanced Accountability and Performance Tracking:
Empower POS agents with the ability to view their individual sales reports within the system, promoting accountability and performance tracking.

POS Admin Authority:
A POS Admin possesses slightly more authority than a POS Agent, ensuring effective system management.

Comprehensive Sales Reports for All Agents:
Gain valuable insights into the performance of all agents by accessing detailed and comprehensive sales reports.

Monitor Orders and Returns:
Keep track of all orders and returns made by agents within the system for enhanced oversight and management.

Opencart Point of Sale Agent Dashboard

All Products:
Access a complete list of available products for quick sales.

Popular Products:
Easily find and sell frequently purchased items.

Speed up the checkout process by scanning product barcodes.

Organize products into categories for smooth navigation during sales.

Hold Orders:
Temporarily suspend transaction processing for certain sales.

Initiate and complete customer transactions seamlessly.

Handle product returns directly within the point of sale system.

Generate sales reports for insights into business performance.

Add Custom Product:
Include personalized items in the sales inventory.

Hold Order:
Temporarily halt ongoing transactions for various reasons.

Delete Order:
Remove an order from the system if necessary.

Modify Order Product-wise:
Adjust specific products within an ongoing transaction.

Add Product-wise discount in percentage or fixed value:
Apply discounts on individual products during the sale.

Edit product quantity in order:
Change product quantities directly amid a sale.

Add/Select Customer:
Associate the sale with a specific customer for record-keeping.

Apply Discount:
Implement discounts on the overall sale amount.

Use Coupon:
Redeem promotional codes to offer discounts or special deals at the point of sale.

Video of POS Agent/Admin Dashboard



Video of OpenCart Admin



All Products

1 pos opencart

Popular Products

2 pos opencart


Order Dashboard View


Add Customer

4 pos


Custom Discount

5 pos opencart


Apply Coupon



Apply Custom Tax


Apply Custom Charge

8 pos



9 pos opencart


Hold Order

11 pos


Modify Order Quantity/Discount etc.

12 pos



13 pos


User Guide of OpenCart POS

In case of any issues, please open a ticket from our helpdesk.

Note: Check the link for our extension license policy.

More Information
  1. What is Purpletree Opencart Point of Sale?
    Purpletree Opencart Point of Sale is a web-based system that enables retailers to manage their in-store transactions, inventory, and customer data from a single platform.

  2. What are the key features of Purpletree Opencart Point of Sale?
    The key features of Purpletree Opencart Point of Sale include barcode scanning, receipt printing, real-time inventory management, etc.

  3. Is Purpletree Opencart Point of Sale easy to use?
    Yes, Purpletree Opencart Point of Sale is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for retailers to manage their sales process and gain insights into their business performance.

  4. Can I use Purpletree Opencart Point of Sale on multiple devices?
    Yes, you can use Purpletree Opencart Point of Sale on multiple devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

  5. Can I track inventory in real-time with Purpletree Opencart Point of Sale?
    Yes, you can track inventory in real-time with Purpletree Opencart Point of Sale. It provides real-time updates on stock levels.

  6. Can I print receipts with Purpletree Opencart Point of Sale?
    Yes, you can print receipts with Purpletree Opencart Point of Sale. It supports thermal receipt printers, and you can customize the receipt format to include your logo and other details.

  7. Is Purpletree Opencart Point of Sale suitable for both small and large retailers?
    Yes, Purpletree Opencart Point of Sale is suitable for both small and large retailers. It can be used by single-store retailers as well as multi-store chains.

  8. Can I integrate Purpletree Opencart Point of Sale with my existing Opencart store?
    Yes, you can integrate Purpletree Opencart Point of Sale with your existing Opencart store. It seamlessly integrates with Opencart, allowing you to manage your online and offline sales from a single platform.

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