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Manage sellers by admin in Magento 2 Multi Vendor plugin

Delve into the knowledgebase article describing how admin can manage sellers in Magento 2 Multi-Vendor marketplace. Admin can mange various functionalities of vendor from admin itself. Store information, commission on store basis, order, commission,product, category, etc can be manged by admin.

Use Barcode Scanner to add Products to the order dashboard in OpenCart POS

Get a complete guide on how products can be added by Barcode Scanner device by POS agent. First Website admin will save the barcode of the product in the POS admin. The POs agent can add products to the cart using a Barcode scanner.

How OpenCart Point of Sale agent add products to order dashboard

Purpletree Opencart POS offer multiple ways to agents for adding products to order dashboard. Agent can add product using product Barcode scanner or manually through many ways. Check article for complete details.

Website Admin, POS Agent and POS Admin role in Opencart Point of sale

Opencart POS allows to manage offline sales of store in synchronization with Opencart website. Explore this article to know the roles of Website admin, POS admin and POS agent.

How admin can enable/disable any function in Opencart SMS extension

Check the knowledge base article describing how admin can enable and disable SMS Extension functionalities based on needs. Purpletree SMS Extension has all possible SMS functionalities. The good part is that any functionality can be enabled and disabled based on needs.

Seller reviews and ratings functionality in Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace

This knowledge base article how admin, vendors and customers can avail the review and rating functionality of sellers by customers. The customer can add reviews, the admin can manage those reviews and the vendor can view reviews with complete information.

Manage status and department in Purpletree Magento 2 Helpdesk extension

In the knowledgebase, we are discussing how admin can add, edit and delete departments for support desk tickets in Magento 2 Supportdesk extension by Purpletree. Customers can also assign departments to tickets. Customer can not create the departments and status as it it should only be managed by admin.

How to enable or disable featured products edit in Opencart Multi Vendor

Purpletree OpenCart Multi-Vendor allows featured Products of vendors to be shown on the Category page and Home Page. If a subscription plan is enabled for the featured products then the admin can easily hide the edit button and Quick Edit button for these featured enabled products.

How users can contact vendors in Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace

In this knowledge base article, we are discussing how the customer can contact the vendor on the Vendor Product description page and vendor store page on Purpletree Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace integrated website.

How users can return products on the Magento eCommerce website without login

Purpletree Magento 2 RMA with SMS Extension allows users to raise return requests for their orders partially or fully without logging in to the website. Users can raise return requests simply by putting their mail id and order ID and submitting requests. The article discusses more on it.

How do set icons for categories in Opencart Mobile App

Purpletree Mobile App offers many advanced features, setting icons for categories is one of them. It is quite smooth to set up icon images for categories. This makes the homepage beautiful and makes the category section interface more engaging.

Manage header and footer links in Magento 2 Multi Vendor

This knowledge base article discusses how to enable and disable seller login/Registration links on the footer and header for Magento 2 Multi Vendor integrated Magento 2 website. Also, the admin can put strings to these links as desired by the admin.

Bulk Export, Import and Update Products on Opencart Website

Purpletree Bulk Export import extension is single solution to all needs of Bulk export, import and update the products using excel sheet. The interface of the extension is smooth and extension performs required processes quite efficiently.

How to attach multiple PDF files for a product in OpenCart Website

Purpletree Opencart PDF catalog/brochure/manual extension is efficiently used for uploading PDF files to the product page for OpenCart eCommerce website. It has many advanced features. Uploading multiple PDF files for a single product is one of them. We are discussing this in the knowledge base article.

Set Purpletree shipping form admin in Magento2 Multi Vendor Marketplace

Purpletree Marketplace is very popular module for magento2. which can install this extension on the Magento 2 CMS. Magento2 is an e-commerce CMS. We can create multiple seller by this Purpletree marketplace module.

Hide the products without location in OpenCart Multi Vendor HyperLocal

Hyperlocal functionality of Opencart Multi-vendor allows to show products and stores based on the area selected by customer on the POP up. Whatever area is selected by user it will display the products according to the area.

Quick edit vendor products in OpenCart Multi Vendor

We are explaining the Quick edit vendor products-related knowledgebase article here. So that you can easily understand the process.

Handling images in OpenCart Product Bulk Export Import

Purpletree bulk import and export extension is a very useful extension for the admin. If the admin wants to upload or update bulk products at a time then you should use this extension. This extension work on Opencart cms. this feature is also available in purpletree multivendor extension.

How to set vacation mode opening and closing in Opencart Multi-Vendor

Vacation mode for opencart Multivendor is used to allow vacation and disable the products for a certain duration of the day, complete day, or pre-planned holiday. During this duration products and stores do not show on the e-commerce sites.

Set commission for parent category and sub category in OpenCart Multi Vendor

Purpletree Opencart  Multi-Vendor Marketplace commission this feature allows the admin to set commission. A commission is a very important aspect as it is the earning of admin from sellers on the...