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Options for vendors for Template Product in Opencart Multi Vendor

Purpletree provides you with the new latest feature Template product “options “ in opencart Multi-Vendor which provides the seller can now set the different prices for the same product with options al...

Shipping methods for Opencart Multi Vendor Website

In Opencart eCommerce website, different shipping methods can be integrated Flat rate, free shipping, DTDC, Australia Post etc. When you chose Opencart shipping method shipping charges will work accor...

Importing seller's products using Purpletree Multi Vendor for Magento 2

Purpletree marketplace module is the best selling product for magento2 CMS.  This module gives us to create and manage multiple sellers. we can create multiple stores on Magento 2 CMS. In this mo...

Showing seller panel link on Opencart Multi Vendor website

Purpletree Software provides you with an easy solution. You can fix your problem with Seller Login and Browse Seller Link not showing related issues in Opencart Multi-Vendor marketplace by following t...

Multiple functionalities of OpenCart PDF Upload Extension

Purpletree Opencart PDF catalogue/manual/brochure for Opencart extension provides the good functionalities to use to add PDFs like Product information guide, Product manual, catalogue for the product....

Order products from Multiple sellers on Opencart Multivendor website

Order product from multiple vendors when the customer places an order of two products that comes from multiple sellers’. Each customer order is shown in the sellers’ panel. Customers order different s...

Solve the issue commission invoice is not generating in Opencart Multivendor

Opencart Purpletree multivendor commission this feature allows admin to set commission. The commission is a very important aspect as it is the earning of a merchant from his/her seller product purchas...

Upload bulk product excluding the existing product in opencart bulk product upload module

Bulk product export and import extension is a very useful product for admin. before this, the admin cannot upload more than one product at a time. Now by this extension, the admin can upload more than...

User perspective of HyperLocal in Opencart Multivendor

Opencart Multivendor, Opencart Hyperlocal

Featured Products in Opencart Theme

Purpletree Software LLP brings an advanced and comprehensive Amazing theme. If you want a remarking & effectively designed website for your e-commerce business then the Amazing theme is the best o...

Sort Order of seller Custom field in Opencart Multivendor

In the Purpletree Opencart Multivendor marketplace, administrators are able to add Seller custom fields to the seller's admin menu navigation. all Seller Custom fields appear on the page for registration of sellers. Sellers can also view all custom fields that were created following a successful application on the store's information page. Check article sorting of custom fields for sellers and sort orders.

Fields in CSV file Used in Purpletree Opencart Bulk Product update Extension

Bulk product update extension for updating product actions at the time without changing every product one by one. You can use bulk product update extension for the price,  name, quantity, SKU, st...

Basic Tools for usage in Opencart Product designer

The website for printing on the web is the one that offers an ability where a customer arrives on the site, picks items such as t-shirts, envelopes, cups, etc. and then personalizes them according to their designs. Designs are printed according to the customizations made by the customer and delivered to the client after printing is completed physically on the product and then sent to customers. Opencart web to print frequently used words you can check in this article.

Significance of Product Id in Excel sheet used in Opencart Bulk Upload products

In Purpletree Opencart Bulk Product Export and import functionality, it is quite easy to bulk export, import and update products using the excel sheet, We are describing the reference to product id, its impact on bulk uploading, is it complex to maintain, can it create issue if multiple sellers put same product id, This article will describe it very thoroughly and efficiently.

Tax and Discount for commission calculation in Opencart Multi Vendor

When customers buy any item from any vendor on Purpletree Marketplace. Administrators will receive an amount of commission per purchase made by the buyer. This article explains the effect of Tax and Discount on the commission.

Write your preferred string in SEO URL for Opencart Multi Vendor

There are good chances you are using Purpletree Extremely popular, Opencart Multivendor Marketplace, earlier there used to come ocmultivendor in SEO URL, now you can configure to your preferred strings as you want,

Case Study: Order-wise and Product-wise shipping for Multi Vendor

In Purpletree Opencart Multivendor marketplace, you get Purpletree shipping module free of cost with the multi-vendor purchase itself, this handles vendor shipping requirements quite efficiently, Please check the difference between Order wise and product wise shipping in the article.

Remarkable Features of Opencart Blog Pro extension

Posting articles on your Opencart eCommerce website benefits a lot, it boosts se, Marketing, attracts customers etc you might be well aware, actually, you get a good way to inform your customers about your USP of your products, sales etc. You can please check the article on how to use Blog functionality on the Opencart website with the Purpletree Blog Pro extension.

Vendor registration and login in Magento 2 Mobile app

The Magento 2 Mobile app offers both customer and vendor functions. Customers can manage their orders, deliveries, purchases, etc from the app. Vendors can also maintain order details, status, status, store information, product descriptions, prices, payment options, commissions and reviews.

Filter orders in Opencart ecommerce website

With the function to export orders within the Opencart E-commerce websites, following the integration of Purpletree Opencart Export Order, you are able to export a comma-separated value (CSV) sheet of the orders your customers place on the Orders page. The page will export & help filter the order as CSV and then view the specifics of the orders. It is possible to track your customers' preferences.