Secure & Convenient: Opencart's 2-Factor Auth & Mobile Login Extension

Introduction: Purpletree Opencart SMS Extension allows you to seamlessly integrate SMS notifications into your online store, enhancing communication with customers.


The Opencart 2-Factor Auth, Login by Mobile, Checkout OTP, and SMS Notify extension offers robust features to augment security and streamline user experience for Opencart-based online stores. This knowledge base article outlines the key functionalities provided by this extension.


  1. Mobile Login: Users have the option to log in using their mobile number instead of an email ID. This feature not only provides an alternative login method but also enhances user convenience by eliminating the need to remember email addresses.

  2. Order Status SMS: Customers receive timely SMS notifications regarding the status of their orders. These notifications keep customers informed about their purchases, enhancing transparency and customer satisfaction.

  3. OTP Authentication: The extension implements secure one-time password (OTP) authentication during user registration and checkout, particularly with specific payment gateways. OTP authentication adds an additional layer of security, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and fraudulent transactions.

  4. Admin Custom SMS: Website administrators can send personalized SMS messages to selected customers for tailored communication. This feature enables admins to engage with customers more effectively, providing relevant updates and promotions via SMS.

  5. Email Authentication: In addition to SMS authentication, users can also be authenticated via email for registration, login, and selected payment methods. This multi-factor authentication approach enhances security by requiring users to verify their identity through both email and SMS channels.

  6. Flexibility: Administrators have the flexibility to activate or deactivate any SMS functionality according to their specific requirements. This level of customization ensures that the extension aligns seamlessly with the needs of the online store, adapting to changing security protocols or customer preferences.

Conclusion: The Opencart 2-Factor Auth, Login by Mobile, Checkout OTP, and SMS Notify extension offers a comprehensive solution to enhance security and user experience for Opencart-based online stores. By providing features such as mobile login, order status SMS notifications, OTP authentication, admin custom SMS, email authentication, and flexibility in functionality, this extension empowers administrators to safeguard their store while delivering a seamless and convenient shopping experience for customers.

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