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Manage PDF Title and Icon in Product PDF extension for Opencart

Opencart Pdf extension very useful in putting PDFs at opencart website product page, is is best selling opencart pdf extension, widely sed for catalogue, brochure, manual, and other PDF costing is very economical.

Purpletree custom product designer extension in mobile view for Opencart

Purpletree Web to print extension also known as best selling opencart product designer extension is used to sell printed product online by designed by the customer, this article describes the mobile view from the customer end.

Overview of Magento Restrict Login Extension

“Restrict User Login” is a Magento extension that allows the admin to blacklist/restrict the customer to your website. This extension is the best extension for restricting the customer. It is made by ...

Seamless Purpletree Opencart Multivendor seller panel in mobile view

Multivendor Marketplace extension for Opencart use for Seller/Vendor management. Multivendor Marketplace has many features related to vendor management like create vendor/seller, create vendor/seller ...

How to set “Buy Design only” button in Opencart custom product designer

This extension has multiple features to print product design (web to print). In this article, we have the process of creating a product design. Purpletree opencart product designer is the best-selling...

How to filter option of sellers on basis of customer groups

Magento Multivendor filter option of the seller is the best part of Magento 2 Multivendor Marketplace Extension. Which is developed by Purpletree Software. In this section, we will show how to filter the seller store on the basis of customer groups. This section can be shown in the frontend if the admin will enable it from the backend.

How to uninstall the Opencart Extension and Theme

Sometimes you might need to uninstall the Opencart extension from your opencart website, but you are a little confused about how to do it? We have prepared a well-explained article for you on how to u...

Stripe payment functionality in Multivendor Marketplace for Opencart

Multivendor Marketplace use for  vendor management in Opencart store. Multivendor Marketplace provides much functionality related to vendor management. Stripe payment is one of them. Stripe payme...

How Admin can generate commission invoice in Opencart Multivendor

In Purpletree Opencart Complete Multivendor Marketplace as you are aware admin can get a commission from sellers/vendors for sales, admin sets commission in the admin panel as per the needs, Three typ...

How to set safe line, crop line, and fold line in custom product designer extension for opencart

Purpletree Opencart Product designer (web to print) extension is the best selling Opencart web to print extension, this extension has the maximum number of features available, In this article, we have...

Get SMS Functionality by using SMS Extension for Opencart

SMS extension provides SMS functionality like Bulk SMS, order creation SMS, order delivery SMS for the Opencart store. “SMS for Opencart extension” developed by Purpletree Software. SMS extension is v...

How to solve the issue Purpletree Shipping not visible on checkout

It is a very common issue faced by clients, that customers while making orders not getting shipping shown while orders, we have written this wonderful article how to correct this issue, this article is going to help a lot in solving this issue. Generally there are three main reasons for it described in the article.

How Admin and Seller Manage Quote Requests by Customers

Purpletree Magento request for a quote is a very useful extension for integrating into your Magento eCommerce website. It is greatly helpful for giving additional features for requesting the quotes by customers, it can be in the case of bulk products and for those products not in stock or redefined features.

Templates for SMS in Purpletree SMS for Magento 2

Purpletree Magento2 allows admin to send SMS from admin to customer on various cases, it can be bulk SMS, Sms on order, SMS on shipping, Sms on delivery, all the cases are having templates already available for admin with the extension. This article will help in understanding all actions of Sms and their templates.

Feature Difference Between 2 Factor Authentication Extension and SMS for Opencart Extension

Purpletree two factor extension and Purpletre opencart SMS extension both are the best selling extensions of Purpletree, there are differences of features between these two, this article describes those differences in a complete descriptive way, let's have a look at this article, it will reduce all ambiguity situations in deciding from both.

How to Add Text Layer in Custom Product Designer for Magento 2

Purpletree Magento custom product designer offers adding text layers and spaces, you can please go through this knowledge base article on how to add layers, images, cliparts etc. Text area, text colour, font family, font size, background colour, shadow, text style, text align etc are described in a proper way.

How to Set Mega menu In Amazing Theme for Magento 2

Smart and responsive menus are available with Magento2 amazing theme being offered by Purpletree, purpletree best selling theme also provides you to add Mega menu, Mega menu can be set for individual products along with all top categories in Mega menu that behave as modules. This article will certainly help you in setting up the Mega menu module.

Tracking Products Imports and Updates in Multivendor Marketplace for Opencart

Multivendor Marketplace use manages seller/vendor for Opencart store. Multivendor Marketplace also knows as the Complete Multivendor marketplace. Multivendor marketplace provides much functionality re...

Changes Made to Live Chat Module in Multivendor Marketplace Opencart

Tawk is a very important feature that is also available in Opencart Multivendor itself, there are some changes in it, for that you can please go through this knowledge base article it will help you a lot for activating this functionality on your website without any hurdle.

Ecommerce Mobile App for Magento 2 and Opencart

You can purchase from purpletree software multilingual mobile application both android and ios for your opencar 3 and Magento 2 eCommerce website, it will be available to you once your order in a very short duration of time. The quality of mobile apps is very good. You can go through this article for more information.