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Changes Made to Purpletree Bulk Product Import

Earlier customers had to face issues in differentiating add_product weather to put yes or no and how to differentiate import with update, no process is made very easy now all have different interface options and no add_product column.we have described it easily in this explanatory article.

Modules in ShopAmaze - Responsive Opencart 3 Theme

ShopAmaze theme 100% responsive, fast, and lightweight theme for Opencart 3x store. ShopAmaze theme developed by Purpletree Software. ShopAmaze responsive opencart 3 theme simple and beautiful theme. ...

Bulk product update from admin side by Purpletree product export & import extension

Purpletree product export and import extension offer a powerful facility to add/update products. Admin can add/update products by excel datasheet. If you want to update the product then you should hav...

How Customize the Design work from Product page

When a user wants to design their own product then there is a need for the Designer product as you have seen there are a number of products available in the market which can be designed as per user re...

Requirements of Purpletree Mobile app

You can get a hybrid app from purpletree for your Magento & Opencart website. Purpletree is a trusted name and has offered these interesting products, in this blog we have described basically what is required to get an app in a wonderful and superb look. All points are described easily and a lucid way.

How to Assign Opencart Stores to Vendors in Purpletree Multivendor

Purpletree multivendor is a powerful extension that supports the multi-stores feature. Admin manage all stores in a single admin panel. Using the Purpletree Opencart Complete Multivendor Marketplace, ...

Modes of Show Seller on Category page in Opencart Multivendor

The seller mode on the category page in Purpletree Multivendor are available in Normal mode, category mode, service mode, it is quite smooth without any extra skill to select and operate anyone, if you have to just select options from the admin section then the desired result will be received. All these three modes are described in the blog completely in a very descriptive way.

Request a Quote for any Product in Magento 2

Purpletree Request a Quote for Magento 2 Extension is very useful where it is required to put a request for a quote by the customer for a particular requirement, it is very easy to set and enable. It is run very smoothly with little operating procedure, it can be disabled easily if not required in any case.

How to configure Downloadable Products Pro

The extension is very useful to control downloadable products at customer accounts, you can control the date duration until it should be available and even update the extension whenever a new update is available, it is so easy to integrate and your customer gets the latest version available instantly.

Add Product PDF with PDF Manual extension for Opencart

If you want to add PDF with the product for Opencart store so PDF catalog/manual/brochure for Opencart extension for you. Product PDF is very helpful for the customer to know about your prod...

How to use admin approval settings for sellers & seller products

In purpletree opencart multivendor admin can do settings for weather admin approval is required for sellers and sellers products, if he selects it yes, then admin has to approve the product and sellers before it appearing on live site and dashboards.

Purpletree Business Kit for Magento 2

Magento BUsiness kit comes with many helpful extension in a useful combo pack, It consists of seven Magento extensions, all extensions come under six months of support and huge reduced prices. Magento Amazing Theme, RMA, SMS, Support desk, Store locator, Download product pro, a Stock notification comes with it.

How to Set Admin Questions and Their Option in Opencart Customer Survey Extension

Purpletree extension is very easy to set up and integrate with the website, it is helpful in collecting data in statistical form which in turn is helpful in strategic planning and execution, it is very easy to operate and described with images in a lucid way in this blog.

Earn Reward Points on Order for Opencart

Rewards points are the best way to attract customers and increase sales, Purpletree opencart reward extension is very easy to install and use, we have discussed how to set the rewards points with this extension and how rewards points are earned using this extension.

How to Set Vimeo and Youtube Video in Purpletree Product Video Extension for Opencart.

Blog describing how to use Purpletree Product Video Extension for Opencart, it is a very useful extension to add youtube vimeo videos on the product page, it is very easy to use. All steps being described in a lucid way.

Manage Opencart Store with Business Kit for Opencart

Blog describing the use of a single opencart business kit being offered by purpletree software, it consists of seven different opencart extensions in a single purchase.

How to Change Amazing Theme Templates in Opencart

Blog describing how to change various template views in Opencart Amazing Theme in very easy steps. It is being explained in simple, lucid steps with self-explanatory images.

Manage Stock with Out Of Stock Notification Opencart Extension

Stock notification extension enables notification to be sent to customers those subscribed to receive notification when the product returns to be in stock, it is easy to operate.

Tabs of Excel Sheet used with Bulk Export and Import Extension

Using Bulk export import feature Extension, user can easily upload new products in bulk, in this blog it is described how easily it can be done for adding new products.

How to set Homepage Slider in Amazing Responsive Magento 2 Theme

It is very easy to set an amazing theme design on the homepage of your Magento 2 e-commerce website, you don't need to be technical expertise, it's just some setting.