Enhance Your OpenCart Multi Vendor Seller Panel with Customizable Dashboard Icons

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, providing a user-friendly and customizable experience for sellers is crucial. OpenCart Multi Vendor extension offers a robust solution for managing multiple vendors within a single platform. One of the standout features of this extension is the ability to show/hide dashboard icons on the seller panel. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of customizing your seller dashboard to display only the icons that matter most to you.

How to Show/Hide Dashboard Icons:

  1. Navigate to Multi-Vendor Settings:
  2. Access General Settings:
    • Within the Multi-Vendor settings, locate the 'General' section.
  3. Show Dashboard/Seller Panel Icons:
    • Look for the 'Show Dashboard/Seller Panel Icons' option.
  4. Select Desired Icons:
    • A list of available dashboard icons will be displayed.
    • Checkboxes next to each icon allow you to choose which ones to display.
  5. Save Settings:
    • After selecting your preferred icons, scroll down and click the 'Save' button to apply the changes.

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Customization Options:

  • Select All:
    • If you want to display all available icons on the seller dashboard, Select all the icons in one go.
  • Choose Specific Icons:
    • Tailor the seller panel to your needs by selecting only the icons relevant to your business.
  • Flexibility to Change:
    • Feel free to revisit these settings at any time. As your business evolves, so too can your dashboard icons.

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Benefits of Customizing Dashboard Icons:

  1. Streamlined User Experience:
    • Display only the icons that sellers frequently use, reducing clutter and simplifying navigation and higligh the selected icons..
  2. Personalized Dashboard:
    • Empower sellers to tailor their dashboards to focus on the functionalities that matter most to them.
  3. Efficient Workflow:
    • Quick access to essential features enhances the efficiency of vendor operations.
  4. Adaptability:
    • Adjust the displayed icons as your business requirements change, ensuring the dashboard stays relevant.


Only the icons can be hidden, text links will keep show as it is.

OpenCart's multi-vendor extension provides a powerful platform for managing multiple sellers efficiently. The ability to customize dashboard icons adds an extra layer of flexibility, allowing each seller to create a tailored and efficient workspace. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can enhance the user experience for both administrators and sellers alike, making your e-commerce platform a more intuitive and user-friendly environment. Stay in control of your seller panel, and let the icons work for you!