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Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace by Purpletree provides a complete multi-vendor system for Magento 2 stores. The vendor gets a comprehensive panel to manage their products and orders, and Admin can manage the vendors and their commission, settlements, etc.

  • Comprehensive Multivendor Solution
  • Vendor Dashboard and Panel
  • Commission Setup
  • Settlement Management
  • Product Management by Vendors
  • Compatibility with All Themes and Templates
  • Dedicated Support Team

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Supported Magento Versions

Magento Multi Vendor Marketplace is Compatible with the latest versions

Compatible with Magento 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x including Magento 2.4.4, 2.4.5 & 2.4.6

Magento's latest versions 2.4.6-p1, 2.4.6-p2 and 2.4.6-p3 also supported.

The Purpletree Multi Vendor Marketplace extension for Magento 2 is a comprehensive solution for online store owners who want to create a marketplace platform where multiple vendors can sell their products.

This extension enables store owners to empower vendors to create accounts, upload and manage products, and set prices

The extension also provides a powerful admin panel that enables store owners to manage vendor accounts, approve or reject vendor products, set commission rates, and handle other administrative tasks.

Overall, the Purpletree Multi Vendor Marketplace extension is a robust solution for Magento 2 store owners who want to create a marketplace platform and expand their online business.


Features are the same for all versions of Magento

Home Page

Product Page

Seller Store page

Seller Panel

Email: [email protected]
Password: [email protected]

Admin Demo

username: demo_admin
password: demoadmin123

User Guide

What's new

  • Magento version 2.4.x is supported.
  • Magento version 2.3.x is supported.
  • The commission can be set per category and on a per vendor basis, in addition to a global basis.
  • Admin can bulk upload products and assign them to vendors in a single import.
  • Added support for 13 languages.
  • The functionality of Split Stripe Payment.
  • Multi-Vendor App is also available as a separate purchase.

Admin Features


Add/edit vendor information

Admin can add a vendor and edit seller information from the backend. Admin can also remove existing sellers.


Set product approval

Admin can set a parameter in case approval by admin is required before a seller product appears in the store. This approval requirement can be set ON/OFF by Admin.


Set registration approval

A seller can register from the front end. However, Admin may want to verify the details before approving the seller. This approval requirement can be set ON/OFF by Admin.


Set vendor categories

In that case, the admin may not want to open all categories for vendors. Admin can then set which categories can be used by vendors.


View seller orders from the admin panel

This extension adds the seller as a filter in the order list grid. Admin can use that to filter orders based on the seller's name.


Assign products to a vendor

Both admin and sellers can handle products. If a product was added by the admin previously, the admin can assign it to a seller. Multiple products can be assigned to a vendor, and one product can belong to one vendor at a time.


Manage seller orders

While sellers can manage their orders from the Seller panel, the Admin can also manage them if required.


Manage seller reviews and ratings

Not only can customers add reviews for products, but they can also add reviews for vendors. Vendor ratings and reviews are displayed on the front end for customers to view.


Manage commission payable to admin on sellers' products

Commission payable to admin, which is some percentage of the product price, can be set on a global level applying to the whole store, as well as on vendor level and on a category level.


Manage inquiries made by customers for vendors

Customers can make inquiries with a vendor from the vendor's store page as well as from the product listing page. Admin can view all inquiries in the backend.


Commission data for sales

Admin can analyze all commissions received from different sellers. This can be analyzed date-wise and vendor-wise.


Payment settlement with sellers

For all orders, the admin receives a commission, and the remainder of the amount goes to the vendor. However, all payments are collected by the admin using the payment methods available on the website. At a later point in time, the admin can issue offline payments to sellers and record them in the backend.


Manage header and footer links for seller signup

"Become a seller" links can be set up by the admin to appear on the header and footer of the website.

Seller Features


Vendor Panel

The seller gets a panel from where products, orders and seller information can be managed. This panel is shown on the user dashboard after login.


Register from frontend

Sellers can register from the front end of the website, using seller registration links given on the header and footer of the website.


Manage profile

During or after registration, the seller can modify profile information.


Manage store

A store page is created on the website for each seller. The seller can manage information on that page from the seller panel.


Add/delete/edit products

The vendor can manage products right from the vendor panel. The following types of products can be added/edited by vendors:

  1. Simple products
  2. Configurable products
  3. Virtual products
  4. Downloadable products

After adding a product, approval is sought from Admin, if Admin has enabled product approvals.


Vendor-specific attributes and attribute sets

Attribute sets are used for configurable products. Using attributes, attributes like color, size can be added to products.

When a seller is registered, the extension creates a default attribute set for the seller. Later on, the seller can add another attribute set and can create new attributes into any of the own attribute sets.


View orders

Vendors can see all their orders using a grid view available in the vendor panel, with filtering features available.


Process orders - Invoice and Ship functions

Vendors can process their orders. Usual Magento features for order processing, like "Invoice" and "Ship", are available in vendor panel.


View store reviews

After placing an order, customers can review a vendor. The vendor can view the review and ratings coming from customers.


View commission and settlement records

For every order, a portion of the order amount is deducted by Admin, and the rest is passed on to the vendor. In this option, the vendor can see how much funds have been received from orders and how much is the commission payable to Admin. When the admin initiates a settlement, the vendor can view those details also in the vendor panel.


Manage user inquiries

Users can place inquiries for vendors from the product listing page and vendor store page. Using this option, vendors can view all inquiries coming from users.

Send us your query if any feature you need is missing or suggestions that you want to add are also welcome.
We will get back to you and deliver you the feature you need by providing estimations on a priority basis.


Customer Features


Order Split view for vendors

When a customer places an order with items from different vendors, this extension creates separate order views visible to each respective vendor for processing.

For example, if a customer orders products P1 and P2, where P1 is sold by vendor V1 and P2 is sold by vendor V2, the order will be split into two views. Vendor V1 will see details for product P1, and vendor V2 will see details for product P2. They can independently process their parts of the order.

In the case of the split view, the shipping fee is applied according to the configuration on the website and is not related to vendors or sellers


Contact Vendor

Users can send messages to vendors from the "Vendor Store Page" and "Product Listing Page". These messages are also stored and shown on the vendor dashboard. On every message or reply, an email notification is generated.


Review and rating for the seller

Customers can add reviews and ratings for vendors. The customer must have purchased an item from the vendor in order to review and rate. These reviews and ratings are shown on the vendor store page.


View vendor store page

Users can view the store page for a particular vendor, by clicking on the vendor name from the product listing page.


Become vendor

A normal user can apply to become a vendor, using the options provided on the dashboard.

Multilingual Capability

The Magento 2 Multivendor module provides true multilingual capability. You do not need any language pack, etc., to support your language for the text coming from our extension (You still need a language pack for your Magento website for the parts that are not related to our extension). The following languages are available out-of-the-box:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese
  • Indonesian
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • French
  • German
  • Filipino
  • Vietnamese
  • Thai


Supports all Magento themes

This extension works for any theme and template. If any issue is encountered, it will be solved by our support team.

Some References are given below:





Ves Evolution


Everything Store


Our Support, guide & Policies

Download the user guide.

In case of any issues, please open a ticket from our helpdesk.

Note: Our extensions have a licensing policy, click here to view the license policy.



More Information
  1. Q: What is Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension?
    A: A Magento 2 extension that allows multiple vendors to sell products on a single platform.
  2. Q: Does it support all Magento 2 versions?
    A:No, it depends on the specific extension, check with the provider for compatibility.
  3. Q: How does the commission system work?
    A: The commission is taken by the marketplace owner on each sale made by the vendors. The commission rate is configurable.
  4. Q:Can vendors manage their own products, orders, and shipments?
    A: Yes, vendors have their own dashboards to manage products, orders, and shipments.
  5. Q: Can vendors set their own prices for products?
    A:Yes, vendors can set their own prices for products.
  6. Q: Can the marketplace owner control vendor products?
    A: Yes, the marketplace owner has the option to approve or disapprove vendor products before they are published.
  7. Q: Does it have a mobile app for vendors?
    A: It is available as a separate purchase.
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