Support Packages

Are you constantly brimming with fresh ideas, eager to implement improvements and add new features to your website? Does your task list seem never-ending? Look no further! Our monthly retainer packages are designed to save you money while ensuring your website thrives.

It's simple: just select the number of hours you anticipate needing (which can always be adjusted later), set up a recurring monthly payment, and consider it done. Our dedicated team will be at your disposal, promptly addressing feature requests and troubleshooting any issues that arise.

Rest assured, our staff employs specialized time-tracking software, providing you with complete transparency regarding the work accomplished within the allocated time, as well as the remaining hours for the month.

By opting for our support packages, you not only bypass the time-consuming estimation process and the need for contingencies, but you also enjoy discounted hourly rates!

We'll keep you informed as you approach the end of your allocated hours and can notify you upon request at any time.

Take control of your website's success by setting up your support package today. With an expert at your side, you can be confident that the help you need is just a click away!

Support Plan Options:

We offer a range of flexible support plans to cater to your specific needs. Take a look at our available options:

  1. 10-Hour Plan: Get 10 hours of dedicated support for just $199 per month.
  2. 15-Hour Plan: Access 15 hours of comprehensive support for a monthly fee of $279.
  3. 20-Hour Plan: Enjoy 20 hours of expert assistance at a cost of $329 per month.
  4. 30-Hour Plan: Opt for our 30-hour package, providing extensive support for $449 per month.
  5. 40-Hour Plan: Maximize your support with 40 hours of dedicated assistance for $599 per month.

Please note the following terms and conditions:

  • Discounted Rates: To avail of the discounted rates, a minimum commitment of 3 months is required.
  • Advance Payment: The first month's fee is due in advance to initiate your support plan.
  • Time Utilization: Unused hours do not carry over to the following months, so make the most of your allocated time.
  • Cancellation Notice: If you decide to cancel your plan, kindly provide us with a full 30 days' notice.
  • Modification of Hours: Should you wish to reduce your hours, we kindly request a full 30 days' notice.
  • Billing Cycle: Our billing is based on complete calendar months, ensuring fair and consistent charges.

Take advantage of our support plans today and experience the difference of having a dedicated team by your side.