How to install OpenCart MultiVendor/ any other extension on OpenCart version 4

Applicable for Opencart Version, and

Installation of OpenCart Extensions on OpenCart version 4 is different from the previous installation process of extensions on all existing versions of OpenCart 3. x. The steps are described here for Multi-vendor extension but they will be applicable for all OpenCart extensions.

The process of installation is the same for Opencart Version, and OpenCart new versions.

Steps of Installation OpenCart Modules on Openart Version 4. X

For OpenCart Multivendor Plugin or any other Opencart Module  installation, you need to go to

Step 1.  Admin>Extensions>Installer, You need to click on upload the Extension file and upload the extension/Module file. After that, do the below step.

Step 2. Click on the green button plus icon for installation,

When you click, after that multivendor extension/Any other Opencart installation starts, 

You need to wait till the time when the progress bar completes with blue colour,

It takes some in loading, so leave it idle until it completes. Otherwise, the extension will not be installed.

Step 3. When progress is showing green colour message means the extension is completely installed.

Step 4. After this, you need to go to ‘Extensions>Extensions’ and select the module. Check for multivendor/Other Opencart Extension settings.

Step 5.  Now, click on the green button (shown as 1 above ) to install the module.

Step 6   Now we need to give permission for the module to the Administrator of the store.

Go To “System>Users>User group>Edit Administrator“ as shown below.

When you edit Administrator after that you need to set permission from the extensions section.

Only permission needs to be given in the Extensions section for both Access and Modify.

For other OpenCart Extensions, permissions will be different based you can easily identify them and apply them accordingly.

Important Note for installing OpenCart Multi-Vendor for 4. x

  • upload_max_filesize-20M
  • max_execution_time-120
  • post_max_size-20M

See the below images:

After giving permission you need to click the save button.

After this opencart extension will be installed on OpenCart Version 4..