Setup Google Firebase Push Notifications In Purpletree Mobile Applications

Purpletree Mobile app for Opencart and Magento allows Admin to send Push Notification to Users, but it must be configured during creating the app by Purpletree Software LLP Team. Users just need to set up a Firebase account, nothing is to be done by user or admin in-app coding for this to work in our Purpletree Mobile Application for Magento and Opencart. If configured, once App is installed by any user they would automatically get Push Notifications even if App is not running in the background.

Firebase Push Notification allows Store Admin to send Notifications to Mobile app users which will appear in the Notification area of the Android Mobile if the Store App is installed by any users. We have created different actions which we will send Notification to users or users if Firebase account has been set up by Client and we have been provided the required information regarding that.


Configuration for Android


For Firebase Push Notification to work, When we(Purpletree) creates a Mobile app for any client we would need JSON file from Google Firebase to account for Push Notification to work properly.  Follow these steps to Create the Firebase Project and Register app if not done yet.

Now get the JSON file required after you have successfully Registered the app by following Firebase Documentation.

  • Login to
  • Select Your Project.
  • Now Click on Project Overview Setting Icon and Click on Project Settings.
  • In General Tab Over here. You can see the Apps available in below.
  • Now for your store app for Android Download the file named google-services.json.
  • Server Key is also required in Store admin to use Push Notification, to get that Click on Cloud Messaging Tab and Add Server Key. Copy this key to be used in Store Admin.
  • If Server Key is already there, you can use that key also, Once copied and used the Server key in your store, do not delete that Server Key  From here if u delete it then Push Notification would stop working in Mobile App.

1 firebase

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Once We have been provided the file named google-services.json, we would set up the app to use Push Notifications send by admin, but please note that Google Firebase Account must be configured as defined above else Push Notification would not work. So Push Notifications in Purpletree Mobile app are clicked away. Send as many Notification to users as admin wants if Firebase Account allows it.


Configuration for iOS


The steps for iOS are similar, explained here. Firebase provides Google-Service-Info.plist file that contains the firebase configuration information. Send this file to us, and we will configure push notifications for your account.

More details of Purpletree opencart mobile app can be found here.