How Admin can update Master data in RMA Magento2 Extension

All eCommerce websites handle returns and refunds. RMA stands for (Return Merchandise Authorization). When customers buy certain products on an e-commerce website. After that when the customer gets the defective product. For this type of problem, the administrator can resolve by RMA system. An RMA system helps us return the product smoothly. so that you can keep customers. Otherwise, you may lose customers.

To solve this type of problem, we should use Purpletree RMA with SMS for Magento 2 module. The purpletree RMA with SMS for the magento2 module helps us with the return product management.

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Without the RMA system, the admin cannot manage refunded products by e-commerce website. Without the RMA module, first, the customer will call the technician and tell the technician about the defective product. This process takes a lot of time. If you are facing this type of problem then you should use "Purpletree RMA with SMS for magento2" module.

Now we will talk about how to manage the returned product. The first customer will place an order and after that admin will generate an invoice and change the status as completed. After receiving the product, the customer can return the product. Give the customer a valid reason for the returned product.

1 magento rma

The customer can write the text message to the admin and the admin can reply also. You can see this in the above image. Admin can attach files during the text message. Admin can upload any type of file. like pdf, doc, Docx, Xls, Xlsx, CSV, txt, jpg, jpeg, png and gif type file.

2 Magento RMA

Admin can update master data. for this, we have to follow the below steps.

Request Status

After returning the product, the administrator can update the status of the request. These will come with the same status which we have set in Manage Status from admin. First, we can see the default status which is defined by the admin in the setting. The admin can also set different types of request statuses. Added some status to the "manage status" when the module was installed. We will see some request status in "Managed Status" like Pending, Received, Completed, On Hold, Processing. An administrator can manage the status of a request from Admin> Returns > Manage Order Returns.

Resolution status

This can be set as a refund, exchange, or cancellation of the item or any other added by the admin. After returning the product, first of all, we can see the default resolution status. Admin can update the resolution status here. some statuses are given below. Admin can add new resolution status here also. Admin can manage request status from Admin > returns > Manage Resolution.


Admin can set the reason for the returned product also. Some reason condition added when the module has installed which we can use this. If you want to add/update the reason then you can do that. for this, you can follow the given root. first of all, we will go to admin and click on the returns menu after that we will click on the "Manage Reason", we can add a new reason from here. Admin > returns > Manage Reason.

Package Condition

Admin can update the package condition of the product. some conditions were added in the module installing time which we can use. If you want to add a new package condition then you can do also from  Admin > returns > "Manage Package Condition". Admin can set the default package condition from the admin setting. Admin can update all status of return product here. and also can reply to customer