Best eCommerce Solution for Multivendor Marketplace for Magento 2 in 2020

Purpletree Multivendor Marketplace for Magento 2 allows sellers to register there store on the website and sell their products online on Magento store. It provides a complete multi-vendor system for Magento 2 stores. Vendor gets Seller Panel using which they could do a lot as a seller which normally only admin has the right for selling products.


The Features like Admin commission on Seller orders, Seller Dashboard, Payment to the seller and many more are already available in this extension, there is no need to install any other extension for this.

Seller features of Purpletree Multivendor Marketplace for Magento 2

Vendor Registration -  Seller can easily register on the Website using the Customer registration form only, there is an option on customer register to Become a seller just select that option and enter the Unique store URL of your store. Any previous customer could also become Seller.

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Manage Store Information - After Becoming a Seller from the registration page or from the Customer login seller can easily enter all there store information on Store Info Tab from Seller Panel. If Seller approval is required by admin then the admin must approve the seller for using further features if admin approval not required then the seller can start selling their product instantly.

Store Info is always available for the seller even if the seller is not approved so that the admin could know the details of the seller can approve or disapprove the seller accordingly.

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Add/Edit Products – Seller can add and edit there product from Seller panel, as already told that Admin approval is required so this will only work if the seller is approved by admin. The seller can create Simple, Configurable, Downloadable and Virtual products from their account. They can even create Seller Attribute Sets and Seller Attributes which can be used in creating Configurable products. All the product information can be entered by the seller as an admin in default Magento 2.

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Order Management – If the customer places an order for any seller product then the seller can manage that order by changing seller order status or Generating Seller Invoice of the order for only their products in the order. This could only be done is the admin has to Allow the Seller to manage orders.

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Customer Enquiries -  Any customer could easily contact any seller from the Seller listing or from the Seller store page and the seller would easily view all the customer enquires from Seller panel and can reply to Customer for each inquiry.

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Commission Management – Whenever Seller order is completed admin would get a commission on the Order which is set by admin accordingly. The seller can view the list of Commissions for their order which admin has deducted from the Seller Payments.

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Seller Payments – Once the order is completed by Seller can admin. Admin would get Order commission from the Seller order and rest of the payment has to be settled by Admin from admin panel. When they settle the payment seller could see the payments made by admin to that seller from Seller Panel. The seller could view the Total Sales, Commissions, Paid Amount and Due amount from this Payments listing page.

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More details of Purpletree Multivendor Marketplace for Magento 2 can be found here.