1. How to Bulk Import/Export Products in Opencart Multivendor

    Purpletree Software LLP brings an advanced and comprehensive extension to upload products in bulk for e-commerce portals. Learn more about this extension here!

    Thanks to the introduction of internet marketplace and E-commerce portals, the way we buy products and services have drastically changed in the last decade. E-commerce portals have made our lives easier and simpler. All you need is a smartphone or laptop, and you can buy all your needs in a few simple clicks.Any e-commerce portal would offer you a lot of products in different categories to be purchased.

    However, the e-commerce business owners face a lot of difficulties and hard time managing products and services being offered on their portals. They need to stay updated with their stock inventories, sales orders, shipping, payments, vendor management, commission calculation, dispatch and a lot.

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  2. What is Multivendor Marketplace for Opencart and How to install it

    OpenCart is empowering numerous business ventures and to extend their capability site owners can also use multivendor marketplace as an add-on. Multivendor marketplace enables the owner to convert their Opencart e-commerce store to a multiple vendor store. Owners can convert their store to a fully functioning marketplace. 

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  3. Advanced Vendor Shipping for Opencart

    Most companies put a lot of effort into making sure that customers have a great experience. You approve the brand images, tweak store, write the emails, all with the goal of leaving customers pleased.

    But when it comes to shipping, it makes you feel like you’re giving your brand over to anoutsider.With some thought and planning, though, it doesn’t have to feel that way—which is a good thing, for the reason that shipping is a major part of your business.

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  4. Commission Management for Magento 2 Multi-Vendor

    How to calculate and manage commission on excel? Which formulae should I apply? How can I view commission received by admin or seller? Really difficult to track for e-commerce businesses and finding a best solution for it, is important. Calculating commission of each product sell and maintaining its record is one of the hectic and tedious activity that every online business has to do. 

    Commission is a payment that can be made to an employee for his service or to a seller based on the terms and conditions of buying something through the seller. There are various kinds of commission models used in businesses, and they’re seen in both online and in physical storefronts.

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  5. Earn by becoming our affiliate

    Today we launch the affiliate system for our website.

    Using this system, you can earn money by just referring our products to others.

    It is as simple as that!

    You get flat 20% commission when someone makes a successful purchase using your referal link.

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  6. Just Launched: Mobile Application for OpenCart 3

    We have just launched the Android Application for Opencart 3 based stores.

    Using this solution, you can launch your mobile app in a few hours if you have an OpenCart 3 based website.

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  7. Explanation of Licensing procedures


    Some products require a license to work. We supply the license in such cases. One license is valid for one domain or subdomain, unless more licenses are purchased.

    However, you can use the license on any number of test domains or subdomains.

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  8. Installation Video for Opencart Multivendor Marketplace

    Opencart Multi Vendor extension is a great way to convert your store into a multi-merchant website.

    While the installation process is very easy, straight-forward and explained in our user guide as well, still some customers face issues during installation so we prepared this short video for installation steps.

    It would certainly help in quickly getting started with Multivendor Marketplace for Opencart.

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  9. Amazing theme for Opencart launched

    Today we launched Amazing theme for Opencart. The theme design is inspired by Amazon website design.

    This supports Opencart version 3.x. Following are the main features of this theme:

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  10. Amazing theme for Magento 2 launched

    Recently we launched Amazing theme for Magento 2. The theme design is inspired by Amazon website design.

    This supports all versions of Magento 2. Following are the main features of this theme:

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