Ecommerce Mobile App for Magento 2 and Opencart

Using Magento 2 and Opencart anyone can create an eCommerce website and can handle the website from Admin. Admin can use any theme for frontend design and Data would be shown in frontend from Admin as there could be Sliders, products, image Blocks, and many more things in frontend. On the same pattern, we have developed the Mobile App which is ready to build Hybrid App and is available for Both Magento and Opencart.

As the world is moving forward with Mobile Apps, no one really has the time to open any website. Everyone prefers for easy to use mobile app for any purpose, be it informative purpose or eCommerce purpose. If you are using Magento or Opencart, the simple Solution is Mobile Application for Magento 2 (Multilingual) and Mobile Application for Opencart 3 (Multilingual).

You just need to purchase the mobile app from Purpletree for your respective website and send us the requirement as explained in We would then need your credentials to create and give you the working mobile app which can be published on Google Play Store or IOS. Requirements for IOS mobile app are a little different you can check them on the product page. But Android Mobile App would be given to you within 1-2 Working Days after getting all the requirements from your side.

All the content on the mobile app comes from your Website Admin only, you can manage your homepage from the Admin panel of Opencart and Magento. The layout of the App is Fixed as you can only put content as explained in the user guide of the respective mobile app. You can choose the Color Schema for your mobile app as explained in the user guide as well as in Requirements Blog. But we need to set that Color Scheme while compiling the app so it cannot be changed from Admin Panel or from the user side.

Below we will show you the pages which are there for the Ecommerce app to work. Mostly all the Pages are the same for Magento as well as the Opencart app but make sure to see the User guide and feature list of your respective app.


The layout of the Page is predefined, you can set or change the content anytime from the Admin Panel, No need for the app to recompile, the changes would come on Run time only.

Category Page

Users can go to any category page from the left menu and click on any Category. You can also select any subcategory from the Main category Like in Bags Subcategory in Gears Category. On this page, all the products for that Category would be visible and users can go to the product page from here.

Product Page

On this page Product Description along with all product details would be shown and users can click on Add to cart and order the product.

1 app  2 app

3 app  4 app

Cart Page

Once the product is added to the cart user can view the cart products and continue with Place an order.

Check Login Page

In our app only registered user can check out and if the customer is not registered then they have to Sign up as we will check if Email Id is not registered then will redirect to the Signup page and once the user is registered then they will automatically be redirected to the checkout page to continue. If the user is already logged in then this page will not come.

Checkout Page

There are 3-4 steps on this page, the user needs to select the Billing and Shipping Address, if not then the user needs to add the Address. Then Select the Shipping and Payment Method and Place an order. All Payment and Shipping Methods are supported in our Mobile app.

5 app 6 app


7 app 8 app


9 app

More details of the Purpletree Opencart3 mobile app can be found here

More details of the Purpletree Mobile application for Magento2 can be found here.