OpenCart Multi Vendor: Restricting Number of Categories for Single Product

OpenCart Multi Vendor allows administrators to manage multiple vendors selling on a single platform. One crucial aspect of managing products in such an environment is controlling the number of categories a seller can assign to a single product. This feature provides flexibility while maintaining organizational structure and coherence within the marketplace.

Restricting Categories for Single Product

In Purpletree OpenCart Multi-Vendor, admins can control whether a seller can assign a product to a single category or multiple categories. This setting ensures uniformity and clarity in product categorization across the platform.

Steps for Admin

  1. Accessing Settings: Navigate to Multivendor > Settings > General Tab.
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  2. Locate Option: Look for the option titled "No. of categories allowed for a single product."
  3. Selecting Option:
    • Single: If chosen, sellers will only be able to assign a product to a single category.
    • Multiple (Default): If selected, sellers can assign a product to multiple categories.

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Note for Admins

  • This setting does not affect the categories available for sellers to use; it only determines whether sellers can assign a product to one or multiple categories while managing their products.


Controlling the number of categories for a single product enhances organization and navigational ease within the OpenCart Multi Vendor environment. Admins can tailor this setting to fit the specific needs and structure of their marketplace, ensuring a seamless experience for both vendors and customers.