Functionalities available in Purpletree OpenCart SMS Extension

Purpletree OpenCart SMS extension allows SMS functions such as Bulk SMS and order creation SMS. It also provides order delivery SMS and much more for customers using the Opencart store. The SMS extension is extremely simple to utilize. To utilize this extension, first, you have access to the SMS API from your SMS supplier.

After that, set your SMS API and utilize the SMS function. With the extension feature, text messages will be automatically sent on the creation of orders, or delivery of orders. Administrators can also send mass SMS to several customers

Let's look at the available functionalities in this OpenCart SMS Extension

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Login of the customer using the mobile number and OTP 

Purpletree OpenCart's SMS OTP extension has created new capabilities for customers to log in using their Mobile Numbers and OTP. If a customer is registered, they can log in easily with the mobile number that is registered and the OTP. An OTP can be sent out to the mobile phone number registered to be used for log-in purposes.


OTP authentication for Customer Login

In the Purpletree SMS Opencart extension, a new feature has been developed "login by email id and password by using OTP authentication". You will be able to get OTP confirmation of your login details via email, Mobile and Email, and Mobile. This feature will ensure assurance of security for your account, Without verification means that no one is able to access your account.


Order Delivery/Status change SMS

To send an SMS once the delivery is in compliance, then activated the "Order Delivery SMS "Order Delivery SMS" status. Select the delivery status by selecting the "Order Status" dropdown. Then, you are able to alter the delivery SMS for the Order template. After that, click on the "Save button.


Verification of registration

To set verification on the page for registration of customers. Make sure to set "Yes "on "Verification of registration". After you have set yes for "Verification of registration" the option will be displayed beneath this template. The template option lets you can alter the verification text or OPT SMS. Select"Verification "Verification for "option. If you want to select Verification for Option, you may choose mobile no and email. Email as well as Mobile No or Email both.


Verification at checkout

To set the verification option to be set on the Checkout page. Choose "Yes "on "Verification at checkout". Once you have set the yes to Verification at the checkout option. two options appear beneath the alternative" Payment method for verification of checkout" as well as the Template. 

The payment method option for checkout displays the all-payment method, and the option to select every payment method. This means that SMS verification is required when customers choose the payment method for payment. With the option to choose a template, admins can modify the template for SMS. 

After that, choose"Verification" as a "Verification for "option. When you select Verification for Option, you can choose to use the mobile number and email or Email as well as Mobile No or Email both.


Bulk SMS

In order to send bulk SMS messages to your customers, simply click the "Bulk SMS" tab and turn on the status. Visit the customer list page, then select the customer by checking the box and then click on" the " send bulk SMS' button


Order SMS

To send an SMS when the purchase is done to send SMS status. You can also add an SMS template according to what you need. Note use these variables:-_NAME _ (for Customer name),_ORDERID_(for Order id),_AMOUNT_(for Amount). The only variables that change are the ones that do not.