How vendors can manage Shipping Methods in Purpletree OpenCart Multi vendor

If you are using the Purpletree Opencart Multi Vendor Extension and wish to grant vendors the capability to manage shipping methods directly from their seller panel, you can achieve this by installing a specific extension.

With this installed extension, vendors gain the ability to handle various shipping methods through their seller panel. This extension offers support for a comprehensive range of shipping options, including:

  1. Flat Rate Shipping
  2. Free Shipping
  3. Weight Based Shipping
  4. UPS Shipping
  5. USPS Shipping
  6. FedEx Shipping
  7. Pickup Shipping
  8. EC-Ship Shipping
  9. Hitdhlexpress Shipping

The setup and configuration of these shipping methods take place within the admin panel, allowing administrators to customize them and subsequently make them accessible to vendors via the "Shipping" section in their seller panel. It's important to note that the specific methods available and their configuration may vary based on the OpenCart version and any additional extensions or modifications installed on the platform.

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9 shipping

To utilize this extension effectively, it's essential to have a multivendor extension already installed. Moreover, please be aware that this extension is designed to function exclusively with the following predefined shipping methods: 'ec_ship', 'fedex', 'flat', 'free', 'hitdhlexpress', 'item', 'pickup', 'ups', 'usps', and 'weight'. Vendors will find these shipping methods conveniently accessible in their seller panel under the "Shipping" section.

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In case the admin chooses to install a new shipping method, it will promptly appear in the "seller panel > Shipping" section, providing vendors with the latest shipping options. This streamlined process empowers both administrators and vendors to efficiently manage and offer a diverse array of shipping methods, ensuring a smooth and flexible shopping experience for customers on the Purpletree multi-vendor platform.

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