Order split among vendors for multiple sellers products checkout in Magento MultiVendor Module

Purpletree Magento 2 Multi-Vendor marketplace Plugin converts your Magento eCommerce Website into a Multi-Vendor Marketplace, Where many sellers get registered and sell their products just like on Amazon or eBay etc. If Multiple sellers will get themselves registered then obviously customers visiting the Marketplace can check out the products from multiple sellers.

Purpletree Magento 2 Multi Merchant module offers a multiple vendor checkout smoothly. If a customer will checkout products from multiple sellers. The order will show separately in their vendor's panels.

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Suppose Customer orders products from Vendor A and Vendor B.
The vendor panel of seller A and B will show orders and commission will be shown separately.

In the customer panel, it will show all products in one place and in same invoice. Customers will have one invoice for both products from separate vendors.

Also, in the Admin Dashboard order will be shown at same place for separate vendors.So Admin can very easily mange the order having products from multiple sellers.

Orders at Admin panel

Similarly, the commission will be shown at a place as below in admin section.

Commission at admin panel

But In the vendor panel, orders will be shown separately for both all vendors.
Let us have a look at how Orders, Commission invoices and Commissions will be shown on the vendor side.

Split orders For Vendors in Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace

You can see in the below images order is split between two vendors for the same order done by the customer.

Whenever any customer orders products from multiple sellers in the same cart, Then the order will be shown separately for all vendors of which product is in the order. Thus vendors can easily manage their orders and do shipping and other necessary things.
There will be no confusion in this regard.

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Split Commission for the vendors in Magento 2 MultiVendor

The commission is calculated when the order is completed by vendor and admin both. The commission is the amount deducted by the admin from the payments that are to be done from the admin to sellers for product sales. Admin receives payments from customers directly.
Sellers can see commissions of only their product sales in their vendor dashboard.

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