The website becomes white after installation of the Opencart multi vendor

Are you facing a problem after the installation of PurpleTree Opencart multivendor Marketplace Extension? The website front becomes white anything does not appear. This happens in some cases but doesn’t worry this problem is too easy to solve.

The website page becomes whiter sometimes whenever an extension requires some tables which are not created properly in the database so this issue comes. This issue comes in some of those cases which admin has not to enable the show error from Opencart admin if the admin has enabled it then it will show the error on the website landing page.

Let’s fix the issue

Go to admin > Extension > Extension >Select “Module” from dropdown > Scroll down below >”Purpletree Multivendor settings”.

Then click to uninstall button which is in red color, please make sure before uninstalling the extension you did not have some important data that is related to Purpletree multivendor extension.

1 white

After that you need to re-configure the Purpletree multivendor extension because you did not configure the multi-vendor extension properly before so, now you have to reconfigure extension.

Now, Click to the green color install button. Whenever you click to the green color install button that means that the database table is created in the database.

2 white

After that configure license key and all other kinds of stuff. The license key is provided by us after you have purchased the PurpleTree Opencart multivendor extension.

Then refresh your website front page the white page is going away and the issue has been solved maybe now if the issue is still not solved you can contact us vi from our helpdesk or you can reach us by-

Raise your ticket to click the above-given link and describe your issue after following all the steps.

The steps may helpful for you.

More details of Purpletree Opencart Multivendor marketplace can be found here