Effortlessly Manage Multiple Shipping Options with Purpletree Opencart Sellers Multi Shipping Extension

Managing multiple shipping options can be a daunting task, especially for online store owners who want to provide a variety of shipping methods to their customers. This is where the Purpletree Opencart Sellers Multi Shipping Extension comes in.

With this extension, Opencart store owners can easily manage and offer multiple shipping options to their customers. The extension allows sellers to create and manage their shipping methods.

Go to “Extensions” -> “Installer”

1 multi ship

Upload the file here.

Go to “Extensions” -> “Modifications”. You can see an entry for this – “Purpletree

Multivendor Seller shipping for Opencart 3. x.

2 multi ship

Click on the Refresh button, on the top right of the page as shown below.

Now go to 'Extensions-> Extensions' and select 'Module'. Check for the Purpletree Multivendor seller shipping settings. Click on the blue EDIT button.

4 Magento

Here set the status to ‘Enabled’, and make the following configuration changes:

5 multi ship

Click on the “Get License” button. Enter License Key – This key is provided when you purchase the

extension. You need to click on the “OK” button. Click on the “Don’t Have License key” button. Enter your Order

ID which was generated when you placed an order for our extension and “Email ID”. Click on Submit

Button and your license key will be filled on the License key field.

6 multi ship

Now, Click on the Green button (shown as 1 above) to install the module. Now we need to give

permission for the module to the Administrators of the store.

7 multi ship

Go to “System -> Users -> User Group > Edit Administrator” as shown below.

Set access and modify permissions for

8 multi ship


For this extension you have to install multivendor first after that this extension will work.

This extension only work for these shipping method only.











If admin will install the shipping method then the shipping method will show on “seller panel > Shipping”.

9 shipping

When the seller enabled the shipping method then shows on the checkout page inside “delivery method”

10 multi ship

In “seller panel >sale >order” order shipping method show

11 multishipper

In Admin order detail page shipping charges show as total shipping:

12 multi shipper

On front page order history, shipping charges show as total shipping:

13 multi shipper