Modules in ShopAmaze - Responsive Opencart 3 Theme

ShopAmaze theme 100% responsive, fast, and lightweight theme for Opencart 3x store. ShopAmaze theme developed by Purpletree Software. ShopAmaze responsive opencart 3 theme simple and beautiful theme. ShopAmaze theme has many home page and category page modules like Parallax Block Module, ShopAmaze Popup Module, Top Rated Products Module, ShopAmaze Popular Category, ShopAmaze Recently View Products, etc. These modules make your Opencart store home page very attractive. ShopAmaze theme has good colors combination on all pages. ShopAmaze have two menu option for home page, Standard and Megamenu. Megamenu makes your Opencart store more attractive.1 shopamaze

Home page Modules

Purpletree ShopAmaze Best Seller products

Bestseller products modules display the product base of products sell. You can set the product limit in the Purpletree Shopamaze Bestseller products module setting.

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Purpletree ShopAmaze Popup Module

Purpletree ShopAmaze Popup Module has different featured show modules in the popup box.  In Purpletree shopAmaze Popup module you can select another module to show in the popup box and give popup box height and width. You can also and custom CSS to set this module.

n2 image


Purpletree ShopAmaze Parallax Block Module

Purpletree ShopAmaze Parallax Block module use for parallax block on store home page. When you can install this module and edit this module you need to add background and foreground image and add a description for parallax block and set enabled status.

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Purpletree ShopAmaze New Arrivals Module

Purpletree ShopAmaze New Arrivals module shows new arrivals products. After installing this module and click on the edit button and enter the module name, select new arrivals product, enter product limit and enter product image height width.

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Purpletree ShopAmaze Top Rated Products Module

Purpletree shopAmaze Top Rated products Module show product base of customer rating. When you edit the module after installation. You can enter the module name, product limit, No. of product slide, Width, and height of product image


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Category and Product detail page modules

Purpletree ShopAmaze Recently View Products Module

Purpletree ShopAmaze Recently View Products Module set the only category and product detail page in the column left.  Purpletree shopAmaze recently views products module show products base of the recently viewed by the customer.  When you can edit this module after installation, you can enter the module name, product limit, no. of product slide, width, height, and status.

Purpletree ShopAmaze Recently View product Module very helpful for the customer to know about the previous visit product.





More details of Purpletree Opencart 3 ShopAmaze theme can be found here.