Achieving bulk import and export for product data in Opencart

Bulk Export and Import is a very powerful extension to export product data and import product data for Opencart. It allows the admin to export and import product data. Opencart bulk product upload extension allows admin to export all data at the same time in an excel sheet. Admin can change product data to update the product. Exported excel sheets can change data and import data by this extension. In this extension, Admin does not need to have any type of technical knowledge of programming. Admin just needs to have knowledge of applications operate. The owner faces a lot of difficult problems in the e-commerce business. The owner faces a lot of hard problems to update product data. It solves many problems with this extension.

You will save time by applying integrating the extensionn to bulk import and export data. Admin can export all data of product like as general, data, link, attribute, recurring, discount, special, image, reward point, SEO, design, and options tab, etc. if admin application support multiple languages then you will have to select a language to export data. Exported data can save like product data backup. If the admin wants to bulk update the product then the admin needs to have exported data for a bulk product update. After that admin can bulk import products.

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If the admin wants to Opencart bulk import products like mass then you will select a language and upload data. 


  • Admin can add mass products at the same time.
  • Admin can update mass products at the same time.
  • Admin can export bulk products at the same time.
  • Admin can use .xls or .xlsx files, to update bulk product data.
  • Admin can view changes in updated products in the frontend instantly.
  • Admin can update the product data in multiple languages.
  • Admin can bulk add products of multiple languages.
  • Admin can bulk update products of multiple languages.

Go to: Purpletree Product Export & Import-> Product Export & import.

After this process, you will get the following page.

total png

Admin should download the excel sheet. To download the excel sheet, you will have to click on “Download Template”. After that, you will download the excel sheet to add bulk product data.

Product Export:

If the admin wants to export product data then he/she will have to select the language as one wants and after that, one should have to click on the export button. Admin will get all product data of a particular language. Now admin can use data for update product and product data backup.

Product import-

If the admin wants to add product data like bulk then you should download the template and use this structure of column. After downloading the excel sheet you should add a detail of the product and you should be remembered that the product id should not be blank of the used tab. Two tabs “General “and “Data” are required for import data. Admin can change the position of the column also.

Update product Data-

If the admin wants to update the product then he/she will have to export product data after that it will update the product. We should use only exported datasheets for update products because we need product IDs and other ids like product_dicount_id, product_special_id, product_image_id.   For updated products please see attached image.