Filter orders in Opencart ecommerce website

In the export order functionality in Opencart E-commerce website after integrating Purpletree Opencart Export Order module, you can export a comma-separated values (CSV) spreadsheet of your customer's orders from the orders page to export the order in CSV and you can see the details of the orders. You can know your customers closely, their order preferences, accounting information, running marketing campaigns, data to be put in customer relationship management software,  and sales statistics etc.

To export order detail, Go to Admin>Sales>Orders now click on the export button on the top right of the page the detail has been saved in orders. You can also filter the export the order result by using the available filter by using the Order Id, Order status, Customer, date added, date modified and total you can easily find the data related to export the order & filter data as to segregate it for your needs and avoid going through huge data.

(More details of Purpletree Opencart Export Order with Filter can be found here.)

The Orders section is located under Sales > Orders. On this page, every order ever made from the store is listed in detail. The details are displayed for each order on the list: Order ID: a number assigned to an order during the checkout confirmation. Initially create the status will be pending. When the admin complete the order after the order status will change.

The filter is used for the search of the specific data according to fields like Order id, Order status, Customer, Date added, Date modified, Total. If we put order id-data come through according to the related order id and show the specific order data. Customer: the name of the customer you can filter specific order. You can filter the data by order status initially create the status will be pending the default option are Canceled, Canceled reversal, Complete, Denied, Expired, Failed, Processing, Refunded.

The filter is the shortcut of the search specific data quickly. Its a time saving to use the filter. You can find orders based on the information specified in the blanks. It can help you locate orders by date added or customer or order status and total.

See below image:-

1 filter order

Also, in the orders, the admin can change the order status. When initially order status will be pending admin can change the order status to complete.

Thus you can filter the data so as to find the needed data easily by the options provided on the right side of orders.