Enforcing Stripe Connect Setup and Subscriptions Payments Restrictions in Purpletree OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace

Purpletree OpenCart Multi Vendor marketplace offers a vendor subscription feature that allows sellers to sell their products on the platform by subscribing to a membership plan. This subscription functionality provides vendors with various benefits and opportunities to showcase and sell their products effectively.

Gain In-Depth Insights into the Top-Selling OpenCart Multi Vendor Marketplace

Here's how the vendor subscription feature works on Purpletree OpenCart Multi Vendor:

  1. Membership Plans: Purpletree offers different subscription or membership plans for vendors to choose from. These plans typically vary in terms of duration, features, and pricing. Vendors can select the plan that suits their requirements and budget.

  2. Subscription Payment: Vendors need to make the payment for the chosen subscription plan to activate their vendor account on the marketplace. This payment can be a one-time fee or a recurring payment, depending on the subscription model offered by the marketplace.

  3. Vendor Dashboard: Once the subscription is activated, vendors gain access to a dedicated vendor dashboard. This dashboard serves as the central hub for managing their products, orders, inventory, and other essential aspects of their online store.

  4. Product Listing and Management: Vendors can create and list their products on the marketplace using the vendor dashboard. They can upload product images, add descriptions, set pricing, manage inventory, and categorize their products to ensure they are easily discoverable by customers.

  5. Order Fulfillment: When customers place orders for a vendor's products, the vendor receives notifications and can view and manage these orders through their dashboard. Vendors can process orders, update order statuses, and communicate with customers regarding their purchases.

  6. Commission and Payouts: Purpletree OpenCart Multi Vendor provides a commission-based system where the marketplace deducts a percentage or fixed amount as a commission fee from each sale made by the vendor. The remaining balance, after deducting the commission, is credited to the vendor's account. Vendors can view their earnings and request payouts from the marketplace.

  7. Additional Features: The subscription may come with additional features to enhance the vendor's selling capabilities. These features can include promotional tools, advanced analytics and reporting, marketing campaigns, and more, depending on the subscription plan chosen.

The vendor subscription feature in Purpletree OpenCart Multi Vendor marketplace enables sellers to access a fully functional e-commerce platform with a built-in customer base. It provides a seamless experience for vendors to list, manage, and sell their products, empowering them to reach a wider audience and drive sales on the marketplace.

Select payment options for subscriptions from multivendor settings

In Purpletree OpenCart Multi Vendor marketplace, you have the option to configure the payment methods for vendors, including offline payment and Stripe payment. Here's how you can set them up:

  1. Offline Payment: To disable the option for vendors to receive offline payments, you need to access the multivendor settings. Within the settings, there should be a section specifically dedicated to payment methods. In that section, you will find an option related to offline payment. You need to deselect or disable this option, indicating that vendors will not be able to receive payments offline.

  2. Stripe Payment: If you want to enable the Stripe payment method for vendors, you will also need to access the multivendor settings. Look for the payment methods section and locate the Stripe payment option. Select or enable this option to activate Stripe as a payment method for vendors.

  3. PayPal- If you want to enable the paypal payment method for vendors, you will also need to access the multivendor settings. Look for the payment methods section and locate the PayPal payment option. Select or enable this option to activate PayPal as a payment method for vendors.

By selecting Stripe payment, vendors will be able to offer their customers the convenience of online payments through the secure Stripe payment gateway. This integration allows customers to make payments using their credit cards, debit cards, or other supported payment methods.

Once you have made the necessary selections and configurations for offline and Stripe payments in the multivendor settings, the changes will take effect. Vendors will either be restricted from receiving offline payments or given the option to receive payments through Stripe, depending on your choices.

Configuring payment methods in Purpletree OpenCart Multi Vendor marketplace allows you to tailor the payment options available to vendors, ensuring a seamless and secure transaction process for both vendors and customers.

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Not allow adding products if the Stripe Connect in the Vendor admin hasn’t been completed

In Purpletree OpenCart Multi Vendor marketplace, there is a requirement for vendors to complete the Stripe Connect setup in their admin panel before they can add products for sale. This ensures that the necessary payment processing configuration is in place before vendors start selling their products.

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