Tabs of Excel Sheet used with Bulk Export and Import Extension

If you want to add more products to your Opencart store then Product Bulk Export and Import Extension is for you. Product Bulk Export and Import extension developed by Purpletree Software. Product bulk Export and Import extension used to export and Import product by using excel interface. You can also update any information related product using Product Bulk Export and Import Extension.

Opencart import/export extension provides the facility to add and update products in all available store language. Opencart import products with excel sheet, This Extension provides a demo product excel sheet. With the help of this demo sheet users easily create a product excel sheet. Opencart import products also provide information related to “Maximum time allowed for Import” and “Maximum file size allowed for import”.  Opencart import/export extension provides an export product facility on one click. for updated product information first, you can export all products and change product information in an excel sheet.

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How add Products

For Add product in bulk first of all you will install the product import-export plugin for Opencart with the help of a user guide. After installation, Login to the Admin Panel and Purpletree Product Export & Import menu. Click on it and select   Purpletree Product Export & Import. You will reach on Purpletree Product Export & Import page. On top, it shows the maximum time allowed for upload, and the Maximum file size allowed for upload. Make sure values are high enough configured on your server for bulk data to import.

Import Product Data

Use the Exported data excel sheet or “Download Template”  to import new products or to edit any products. The exported Datasheet will have 13 tabs for all data. First of all Select Language from the list. If you want to add new product data and not sure if it already exists simply use the exported sheet format and add data accordingly. Click on the Import button.  In General and Data Tab, during uploading data, if any error occurs. No product data row will be inserted or updated for that particular product id in any of the tabs afterward.

We will discuss various tabs of Excel Sheet used with Bulk Export and Import Extension in this blog.


This tab contains general data related to product like product_id, name, description, tag, meta_title, meta_description, meta_keyword.

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This tab contain add_product, product_id, model, SKU, UPC, EAN, Jan, ISBN, mpn, location, stock status, image, manufacturer, shipping, price, points, tax_class, date_available, weight, weight_class, Lenght, Width, Height,  length_Class, subtract, minimum, status.

Note – enter yes in the add_product tab. Without yes in add_product column no new product import.

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Links data tab content is  product_id, download, category, filter, related, store.

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This data tab content is  product_id, attribute, text

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Recurring data tab content is product_id, recurring, customer_group.

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This data tab content is product_discount_id, product_id, customer_group, quantity, priority, price, date_started, date_end.

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Special data tab has product_special_id, product_id, customer_group, quantity, priority, price, date_started, date_end columns.

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Image data tab have product_image_id, product_id, image, sort_order columns.

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reward points

reward points data tab have product_id, customer_group, points columns.

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 SEO data tab content product_id, store, keyword columns.

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Design data tab content product_id, store, layout columns.

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Product Option

The product Options tab has product_id, type, name, value, required columns.

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Product option value have product_id, option, option_value, quantity,price,points,weight, subtract, price_prefix,points_prefix, weight_prefix  columns.

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