How to send Bulk SMS using Purpletree SMS for Magento 2

Purpletree SMS for Magento 2 Extension allows admin to send SMS to multiple customers at one time using SMS API configured in Purpletree SMS for Magento 2 extension, It is very easy to install and use our extension. There are no technicalities in using our extension, User must have admin access and then can easily configured the SMS API which will be used to send SMS.

SMS API can be easily configured from admin, Purpletree SMS for Magento 2 uses GET SMS API, means the API should work with GET request, to check If API is using GET request, user can check the API URL by entering the URL directly on the Web browser, if SMS API works in a Web browser by entering in Address URL, then it would work perfectly with Purpletree SMS for Magento 2 extension.

After purchasing Purpletree SMS for Magento 2 extension, Just Install the extension with easy steps as explained in detail in the user guide. Then to enable the extension follow these steps:

  • Log in to Admin Panel.
  • Go to Store > Settings > Configuration.
  • Now on the settings page go to Purpletree > Send SMS Tab.
  • Here in General configuration enable the Module and enter a valid license key.
  • In SMS API URL - Enter GET SMS API URL, please make sure to use valid SMS API here, use _MOB_ for Mobile number in URL, and use _TEXT_  for SMS text.
  • Down there, set Bulk SMS to Enable for sending Bulk SMS to customers.

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Now to Send Bulk SMS, Go to Customers > All Customers in admin.  From there select checkbox to select the multiple customers, Admin can also select All customers using checkbox. Now there is Actions dropdown above list, from there Click on SMS to Customers.


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Now on click of SMS to Customers new page would open, to enter the SMS in text area. In this text area box, Enter the SMS message in the field, you can use _NAME_  for Username and _URL­_  for the Store-specific URL, in the SMS. Enter the correct message here and if API is configured properly and working then click on the Submit button would send the SMS to all selected customers selected in the previous page. No need to select anything else for sending SMS. This is a too easy process given by any SMS extension. Using Purpletree SMS for Magento 2 extension sending SMS to multiple users is just some clicks away.

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