Opencart Web to Print (Custom Product Designer)

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  • Opencart Web to Print (Custom Product Designer)

  • Purpletree Web to print for OpenCart Provides an easy way for customers, so they can create their own Opencart-based web to print custom product designs, then the website admin can download high-resolution images and print them seamlessly. Supports multi-layer options, pricing per layer options, custom fonts and so many other features.

Supported Opencart Versions

All Opencart 3 & Opencart 4 versions are supported.

Compatible with Purpletree OpenCart Multi-Vendor Marketplace


Admin Demo

Admin Link

User: admin

Password: demo123

Frontend Demo

Demo - a



Demo - b


Demo - c



Download the user guide of this extension.

Custom Product Designer is one of the best tools available to run your online printing portal.

This extension is an off-the-shelf solution for Opencart-based websites.

It works for OpenCart version 3.x & OpenCart 4.x.

Some prominent features of this extension are:

  • Works for all OpenCart themes/templates.
  • NEW! Supported languages (available out of the box):
  1. English
  2. Turkish
  3. Russian
  4. Spanish
  5. Portuguese(Pt-Br)
  6. French
  7. German
  • Provides a high-quality output image/pdf for printing.
  • Set DPI quality as you want.
  • Admin can control which design tools are shown to users, like Text, Clip Art, Images, etc.
  • Admin can control how many layers of each type can be added to the design by users.
  • Admin can mention the tier-wise price per layer when the user adds layers. Tiers can be defined as x USD for layer no. 1-5, y USD for layers no. 6 to 10, etc.
  • Thousands of Google Fonts can be used in designs.
  • A big collection of scaler vector graphic (SVG) images is supplied with the extension.
  • All layers including the base image layer can be re-ordered.
  • Text layer controls - bold, italics, underline, font family, font size, scale options, etc.
  • A lot of fonts available to choose from, for the text layer.
  • Clipart can be managed by the admin, and a user can insert them.
  • Easy and intuitive interface for users.
  • A detailed User Guide is available for all instructions and clarifications.
  • With Purpletree Multi-Vendor.
    (Customers can customise vendor products.

    Vendors can download and preview images in jpg and png format. The vendor can download all images in a pdf also.)

Languages available

The following languages are available in the extension. All the strings of our extension appear in the correct language when the required language pack is available on the website.

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese(pt-br)


Download the User Guide.

To get quick help from our technical staff, raise a ticket using Helpdesk link.

Check the link for our extension license policy.


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