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This Extension simplifies your shopping experience by instantly replacing your current cart with the selected item. Say goodbye to the hassle of adding to the cart and removing items. Effortless, quick, and shopper-friendly!

Supported Magento Versions

Magento 2 Buy Now Button is Compatible with the latest versions

Magento 2.4.4, 2.4.5 & 2.4.6

Key Features

Direct Checkout: Click "Buy Now" to replace your current cart with the chosen item.

Streamlined Shopping: Easily switch between items without navigating multiple pages.

Enhance User Experience: Simplify the checkout process for customers and boost conversion rates. Easy Integration:

Hassle-free installation on your Magento 2 store Ready to upgrade your online retail experience?

Check out our Buy Now Button Extension!

  • Imagine you have a shopping cart with 5 things in it.
  • If you click "Add to cart" again, it's like adding another thing, so now you have 6 in total.
  • But if you click "Buy now", it's like replacing the old things in your cart with just the new ones you want to buy. So, instead of 6 things, you'd have just 1 new thing in your cart.

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