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  • Opencart Product Image Labeler

Supported Opencart Versions: 3.x, 2.3.x

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This extension helps to display different kinds of banners on top of product images, on the product details page.
Banners like NEW, LATEST, DISCOUNT, EXCLUSIVE, SALE etc can be shown in different designs.
The best part is that our extension will work on top of your existing images, and you do not need to modify any images.
It works out of the box with all the themes of opencart.

This extension uses the latest Canvas technology, which makes it cross-browser compatible and user-friendly.

It has many options to create labels, like:


Label Type

Badge, Circle Badge, Corner Ribbon, and Normal Ribbon


You can select Label position like Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Top Left Corner, Top Right Corner, Bottom Left Corner and Bottom Right Corner.


Radius seekBar show only when Label type is Circle Badge. Radius SeekBar is used to increase and decrease the Circle Badge Radius.


Width SeekBar is used to increase and decrease Label width.


Height SeekBar is used to increase and decrease Label height.


Top SeekBar is used to adjust top position of Label.


Left SeekBar is used to adjust left position of Label.


Rotation SeekBar is used to Rotate Label 00 to 3600


Rounding SeekBar only shows when Label type Badge is selected. Rounding seekBar is used for Label’s corner rounding. You can also change Label background color and set Label Opacity.


You can select Label background color.

Label Opacity

You can change Label Opacity

Label Name

Here you can enter/change Label text/name.

Text color

You can select the Label text color.

Google Fonts

You can select many Google fonts to use in the labels.

Text Position

To change Label text position like Left, Center and Right.

Font Size

Font size SeekBar is used to increase and decrease Label text font size.

Font Style

You can add styles like Bold, Italicize and Underline.



User Guide: Download from here.
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