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  • Downloadable Products Pro

Set expiry options for downloadable products and automatically update downloadable products in customer orders when the product is updated.

Supported Magento Versions: 2.1.x to 2.4.x

Free Technical Support: 6 Months

User Guide: Download

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username: demo_admin
password: demoadmin123

Main functionality

  • Set expiry days for downloadable products.
  • Set expiry days for downloadable product updates / support.
  • Automatic product download link update in all orders when downloadable product links are updated.
  • There are 2 modes for the extension:
  1. In “Support Expiration” mode, customer will get product updates until the expiry date. After expiry, the product links appear for the latest download available during support period, not after expiry of support. Example: If the support expired on 24-Apr-2018, and the software were released on 20-Apr-2018 and 25-Apr-2018, then if the customer logs in on 26-Apr-2018, he/she will be able to see the version uploaded on 20-Apr-2018, since support expired for customer account before release of next version.
  2. In “Product Expiration” mode, download links will stop appearing under “My Downloadable Product” After expiration period.



You must Download User Guide from here to solve any basic issues regarding installation and configuration.

We recommend using detailed user guide of the extension before trying to install it. In case of any issues, open a ticket with our helpdesk from here.



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