Multivendor Marketplace for Opencart

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Purpletree Multivendor marketplace for opencart adds comprehensive Marketplace capability into your existing opencart store. It supports Opencart version 3.x and 2.3.

User Guide: Download from here.

Free Support: 3 months

Supported Opencart Versions: 3.x, 2.3.x

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Now Only $79.00 Regular Price $199.00

Multivendor Marketplace for Opencart

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Seller Panel

Link: click here
seller username: seller@purpletreesoftware.com
seller password: demo123

Admin Panel

Link: click here

admin username: admin
admin password: demo123

User Dashboard

Link: click here
customer username: customer@purpletreesoftware.com
customer password: demo123

Store Page

Link: click here

User Guide: Download from here.

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Purpletree Multivendor marketplace foropencartadds comprehensive Marketplace capability into your existingopencartstore. It supports Opencart version 3.x and 2.3.

  • Installation assistance available free of cost.
  • Multilingual - 17 languages supported out-of-the-box. No language pack required.
  • Bulk import by seller/admin.
  • Shipping rates configurable based on zip code and weight.
  • Digital products supported.
  • Split order view for sellers.

This extension is tested to support a variety of themes. If any issues, we provide 100% free support to make your theme compatible with our extension to correct any borken layouts using CSS coding. Changes in functional parts like JavaScript is not part of our support.

Some of our recommended themes are Journal 2, Oneshop, Matrix, TopSell, eMarket, Revo, Best Shop, Shoppy Store, Avansi, Siezz and many others.

Multi-lingual Solution

This multivendor extension works with 17 languages out of the box. You do not need any languages packs for our extension related pages.

Supported Languages:

1. English - en-gb
2. Chinese (China)- zh-cn
3. Chinese (Taiwan)- zh-tw
4. Spanish - es-es
5. Arabic- ar-sa
6. Portuguese - pt-br
7. Indonesian - id-id
8. Japanese - ja-jp
9. Russian - ru-ru
10. French - fr-fr
11. German - de-de
12. Filipino - tl-ph
13. Vietnamese - vi-vn
14. Thai- th-th
15. Malaysian- ms-my
16. Dutch - nl-nl
17. Italian- it-it

Complete Multivendor API for Mobile Applications

We provide a full-fledged API using which an application can access all information related to the multivendor module. This is particularly useful if any external application needs multivendor data.
You can customize your existing mobile application using our API to integrate multivendor functions.

Bulk product import and export

A vendor and Admin can do bulk import/export of products.

Advanced vendor shipping with parameters like weight, zip code

Vendors can configure shipping rates from vendor panel for their own products. It is also possible to bulk import shipping rates using excel sheet interface.

One Page Checkout

Purpletree Multivendor extension is compatible with the most popular one-page checkout solution AJAX Quick Checkout PRO (One Page Checkout, Fast Checkout).

Vendor Registration

Vendors can register themselves from the frontend. Admin has complete control over vendor activation/de-activation.

Product Management by Vendors

Vendors can manage their products from Vendor panel. They can add/edit/delete products with all fields of a product being available in vendor panel.

Order Management by Vendors

Vendors are capable of handling their own orders. They can mark their part of an order as complete and later Admin can set the final status of the order, when all vendors process their orders. Vendors can also generate custom invoices for customers, having Vendor's business as a biller.

Advanced Vendor Dashboard

Vendors can review their sales, commissions, and payments coming from Admin in a comprehensive dashboard.

Multi-Vendor Checkout

A customer can check out products from multiple vendors at the same time, from the same cart. After order generation, every vendor gets own part of the order to process, and they can ship the products separately if they want.

Store page for every Vendor

Every vendor gets a unique URL for own page on the marketplace. Vendors can also define their policies and contact details to be shown on the store page.

SEO Compatible

Store pages are SEO compatible, so a seller can mention SEO details for own pages.

Accessibility for Store Pages

Customers can easily search for Vendors using Browse Sellers and Search functions available.

Feedback for Vendors

Usually, customers provide feedback for products they buy, however here they can also give reviews and ratings to sellers, making it easy for other customers to make an informed decision.
Customers can also contact vendors using the Contact Link given on product and vendor pages.

Many ways to configure Commissions - Global, per Category and per Vendor

Commissions and Payments between Vendors and Admin

Admin collects all payments coming from customers and later settles with the Vendors, according to different commissions configured.

Other Features

Admin Features

  • New! Journal theme is officially supported
  • Set commission for sellers
  • Control setting whether seller can manage orders or not
  • Control setting for seller approval required or not
  • Control setting for product approval required or not
  • Control setting for a customer to become seller on signup page
  • Control setting whether a seller can add related products
  • Control seller ratings and reviews to ON/OFF
  • Control whether sellers should be approved by admin after registration
  • Control categories allowed for sellers
  • Set limit for maximum number of seller products purchased
  • Manage sellers
  • Add/edit a seller
  • Manage seller stores
  • Update seller stores
  • Manage seller products
  • Associate products with sellers
  • Manage seller orders
  • View order listing for sellers
  • View seller-wise order listing
  • Update seller-wise order status
  • Manage seller reviews and ratings
  • Manage commission for sellers
  • Manage payment settlement with sellers
  • Make offline payment to sellers

Seller Features

  • New! collect enquiries from customers using contact form
  • New! SEO URL for Seller Store Page
  • New! Order Split for sellers
  • Advanced seller panel
  • Register as seller
  • View own products
  • Add products
  • Edit own products
  • Seller Information is shown on product page
  • Add related products for own products
  • Seller-wise shipping charges can be controlled
  • Orders having products from multiple sellers are split and handled by respective vendors
  • Individual page for seller's shop, showing seller information and seller's product
  • Sorting of products available on seller page
  • View all reviews given by customer on reviews dashboard
  • View commission history
  • View payment settlement history
  • Close account

Customer Features

  • New! Contact seller through contact form
  • New! SEO URL for Seller Store Page
  • View seller stores
  • View seller details including rating and reviews on product detail page
  • Give rating and review to seller
  • Register as seller anytime

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Download user guide from here.
To get quick help from our technical staff, raise a ticket using this link.

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