Most frequent errors during installation of Opencart Multi Vendor

As you know "Purpletree Multivendor Extension" is the bestseller extension for Opencart. It provides many features related to seller management. When users install this extension, some errors may come due to your server issues, like internal server / 500 error, Sending Query packet error, etc.  This type of errors come due to server settings like PHP settings and MYSQL settings.


·        Internal Server / 500 error  

When users try to upload the Purpletree extension and zip archive PHP module not installed on the user server the Internal Server error show on the current page. Zip archive must be installed on your server. So install zip archive on your server or contact your service provider to install the zip archive extension for PHP. After that, you can easily install the Purpletree Multivendor package.

1 error

·        Sending Query packet error

This error may come due to a lack of memory (RAM), especially if you are using a shared server with very restricted resources. This error is thrown by MYSQL server. The value of max_allowed_packet size on your MYSQL server is not sufficient for the installation of Purpletree Multivendor extension for Opencart. So Please ask your hosting provider to increase max_allowed_packet size. After that, you can easily install the Purpletree Multivendor package.

2 error

·        Blank page Error

When the user successfully uploads Purpletree multi-vendor package,  after that if the modification section is not refreshed, then the storefront side page may show blank. To solve this, after uploading the Purpletree Multivendor package, the user must refresh the modification. Also, the user must follow all further instructions from the user guide for the installation of the package. Otherwise, errors may be observed.

·        CSS not coming on storefront side pages

If CSS not coming on storefront side pages, then it means the user did not refresh the cache. To solve this, go to admin>dashboard> click on setting. After that refresh the cache.

·        "Table does not exist" error

This error means you did not upgrade the database after the installation of the updated package of multivendor. To Upgrade the database, go to the admin panel and select the Upgrade database in the Purpletree Multivendor menu. Here you can Upgrade the database.

4 error


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