Smart option for seller product Add and Edit in Opencart Multivendor Marketplace

Opencart Multivendor Marketplace best extension for manage sellers in Opencart website. Opencart Multivendor provides many features for manage sellers. Smart Option one of the best feature for mange seller’s product. Many features related  to managing seller’s product including in  Smart option like Smart form for product adds and edit, Single and multiple categories for seller product. Less number of required fields in the products forms Easy to assigned and unassigned Feature product for the category and home page. Easy to enable and disable product by using checkbox with the help of enabling and disable button. The show enables and disables product with the help of color code. Drag and drop multi-image upload for product images, when used with "Product Image Manager" extension on v2.3.x.

Smart form

The smart form has a less a number of product’s information fields as compare to normal product form. The seller can easily add and edit product. The smart form has two tabs General and Data only. General Tab has the product name, product tags, product category, product price, product image, and product Additional Images fields. Data Tab have product model, featured product, category featured product, quantity, minimum quantity, product special price, tax class, stock status, subtract stock, product shipping, product SEO URL, meta tag title, meta tag description, meta tag keywords, dimensions, length class, weight, weight class, and status.  For select seller product smart form go to PurpleTree multivendor setting after that go to seller tab and “Use Smart Product Form” option set “Yes”.

1 smart option

2 smart option

Single and multiple categories for seller product

Opencart multivendor marketplace two type category for a single product on the time of product add or creation. In Single category, option seller can add his product only one category. In Multiple categories, the seller adds his product in multiple categories.  For the select single category for the seller, the product goes to the admin panel and select PurpleTree multivendor > setting. After that go to the general tab set “single” “No. of categories allow for a single product”. For multiple category sets “multiple ”.

3 smart option

4 smart option

In a case of a single category, if any category has subcategory, when the category is selected then subcategory automatically selected

 Less number of required fields

 Seller products from (normal or smart) have less number of required fields.  Only the product name is a required field.

Easy to assigned and unassigned Feature product

Seller can easily assign and unassigned by a checkbox in the product list and also using product form data tab featured product and category featured product option.

5 smart option

Easy to enable and disable products

The seller can easily enable and disable sing or multiple product by using the enable and disable button. First of all select product by using checkbox and click enable or disable button for enable and disable the product.

6 smart option

Show enable and disable products with the help of color code

For easy to understand disable and enable product use color the code in the product list page. Red color shows disable and no color show enable product.

7 smart option

Support "Product Image Manager" extension on v2.3.x.

Drag and drop multi-image upload for product images, when used with "Product Image Manager" extension on Opencart v2.3.x.8 smart option

More details of Purpletree Opencart Multivendor marketplace can be found here.