Set Brand Icons on OpenCart Mobile App HomePage

If you are having an Opencart eCommerce website, you can have a beautifully designed and Fast Performing mobile app from Purpletree Software. Purpletree offers mobile apps for both Android and Ios platforms. You can also purchase the source code of the OpenCart Mobile App from Purpletree.

 You must have seen Brands icons in the eCommerce App generally in the bottommost part of the app. These Brands icons are extremely beneficial in increasing trust for your eCommerce mobile app. It indicates that you are the seller of which popular brands' products.

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Suppose you selling products of good brands like Apple, Sony, Samsung etc. It does something that benefits you in attracting a good customer base and acts as a marketing tool for your eCommerce mobile app.

Brands are non-clickable as per the eCommerce app structure. So in Opencart Mobile App also brands icons are non-clickable. ( Also if we make the brand's icon clickable it will have to be linked to the manufacturer's website, and then it will not beneficial for marketing and increasing the customer base.

Set Brand icons for OpenCart Mobile App

Please go to OpenCart Admin>Catalog>Manufacturrs

You can see the list below:

You can click on Add and Edit options for adding and editing new brands.

You need to fill.

Manufacturer Name.

You have to fill in manufacturer names like Sony, Canon, Apple etc.


You need to select the store.


Here is the main thing you have to put the image. Image size you should

Sort Order

You can fill the sport order as 1, 2 etc.

Thus you can also very easily decide which brand to appear first, and which later?

You can also fill in SEO data.

Here whatever the images will be set will show in OpenCart Mobile App bottom.

It will show in the section below:

See the below image brand images on Opencart Mobile App.

You can also set Banners, Sliders for OpenCart Mobile App. The Banners Generally we have 3 banners in Opencart Mobile app. & Slide Show makes the app quite beautiful and eye-catching.

You can post any promotion, new launch, Feature products related etc on Opencart app.

OpenCart Mobile App by Purpletree offers a beautiful slideshow, and banners, where the admin can display the critical information on them.
Like information on new launches, exclusive offers, and anything that the admin thinks he should inform the client. Actually, images are the easiest way to convey any message.
It captures the attention of customers easily.