Seller Account Terms for Registration Form in Opencart MultiVendor

You must have seen whenever any customer registers on an eCommerce website there are terms and conditions, policy page, etc before registration. This policy page describes the policy that a customer has to obey after registering himself on the eCommerce website.

Also, when a seller is getting registered on an eCommerce marketplace where many sellers sell their products, obviously sellers have to follow some policies.

So, the seller also has to go through the policy page and go through it.

These information/policy pages are needed and have great significance because there are policies that a registering member has to follow, if violate that policy, Admin can take necessary actions.

But if a policy is not informed before registration, it will be an injustice to the customer or seller that is registering on the eCommerce Marketplace.

In OpenCart admin can very easily create information pages on the catalog.

Then Openacrt Admin can assign one of these information pages to customer registration as per OpenCart Default functionality.

Also, now it is possible if you are using OpenCart Multi vendor Marketplace by purpletree.

The information pages can be assigned to be shown on the seller registration form that the seller has to accept by selecting during registration

Assign information Page to Seller Account Terms

On the OpenCart MultiVendor Marketplace website, the vendors while registration has to select and confirm the policy before registering in the marketplace website.

Let's have an idea of how the admin of the OpenCart Website creates the information pages, for this admin needs to go

Opencart Admin>Catalog>Information

1 seller terms

You can create here information Pages.

Now In the admin section of the Multivendor section admin can select a particular information page to show on the seller registration form.

Now, Go To Admin>Multivendor>Setting>Seller Tab>Seller Account Terms>Select Page

The page selected by you will show at seller registration form account terms/policy accept and select options.

For Example, we are selecting "Privacy Policy" here.

2 full page


Account terms to Customer

To check which information page is selected by the admin to show on customer registration.

Go To System>Setting>Store Edit> Option>Account Terms.

privacy policy

Note:- By default if no information page is selected by the admin of Multi vendor for vendor then the page selected in Opencart Admin for the customer will be shown for the customer.

For Admin to select the information/policy page that is to be shown on the seller registration form.

Go to Multivendor>Setting>Seller Tab>Seller Account Terms

Select the page you want to show.

Seller Account Terms at Registration Form

After the admin selects that page, It will show on the registration form.

1 seller terms

As you see on the very first page of the seller registration form the selected seller account term-

Privacy Policy is shown on the seller registration form.

Now sellers first have to go through it and then accept it.

Then, only sellers can be registered on the Opencart Marketplace website.

So, Now the Admin of Opencart Website has full flexibility to show any information page as seller account terms page.

The Admin can also same term page as for customers and also can select any other information page.