Product Design Layer Limits: Enhancing Your Customization Experience

When it comes to customizing your products, having control over the design elements is crucial. Our advanced product designer tool now offers detailed control over layer limits, ensuring that your designs are both manageable and exactly as you envision. Below are the key settings you can customize to optimize your design process.

Total Layers

By default, our Opencart product designer allows for up to 999 layers on any label. However, you can set a maximum total layer limit. For instance, if you set this limit to 100, customers cannot exceed 100 layers in total for their design. This helps manage complexity and ensures smoother performance.
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Max Text Layers

Text is a fundamental element of many designs. The default maximum for text layers is set to 99, but you can customize this limit. For example, if you set the maximum text layers to 10, customers can add up to 10 text layers. If the total layer limit is set to 9, customers can only add up to 9 text layers. This setting helps maintain readability and design clarity.

Max Clipart Layers

Clipart can add flair to any design, but too many can clutter the layout. The default maximum for clipart layers is also 99. Setting this limit to 10, for instance, means customers can include up to 10 clipart layers, or fewer if the total layer limit is lower. This ensures designs remain visually appealing and not overcrowded.

Max Image Layers

Images often play a key role in personalized designs. With the default maximum of 99 image layers, you can adjust this to suit your needs. For example, setting the maximum image layers to 10 ensures customers can add up to 10 images, provided the total layer limit permits. This helps in maintaining a balanced design.

Max Icon Layers

Icons are great for adding subtle details. The default setting allows up to 99 icon layers, but you can restrict this to a lower number, such as 10. This prevents overuse of icons, maintaining a clean and professional look.

Max Shape Layers

Shapes can be used for backgrounds, borders, or highlights. The default maximum is 99, but you might set this to 10 to keep designs simple and elegant. This ensures that shape usage is effective and not overwhelming.

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Combined Layer Limit

It’s important to note that the sum of all text, clipart, image, icon, and shape layers cannot exceed the total layer limit. This integrated approach ensures that the overall design remains within manageable limits and performs efficiently.

Visibility of Menus

If any layer limit (text, clipart, image, icon, or shape) is set to zero, the corresponding menu will not be visible in the product design page on the frontend. This helps streamline the design process, showing only relevant options to the customer.

Additional Design Features

Safe Line

Admins can define a safe line, which appears on the product design page to guide users in keeping critical elements within a safe area, ensuring they are not cut off during printing.

Bleed Size

Admins can also set a bleed size, which appears as a crop line on the product designer page. This helps ensure that designs extend beyond the edge, preventing white borders after trimming.

Fold Line

For products that require folding, such as brochures or foldable catalogs, admins can set multiple fold lines. These are visible during the design process but do not appear in the final design. Fold lines are set with comma-separated values (e.g., "100,100" for two fold lines) to assist in precise folding during production.


By setting specific limits for total layers and individual types of layers, our product designer tool offers a balanced approach to custom design. This not only ensures that the design remains organized and professional but also enhances the user experience by preventing over-complication. With additional features like safe lines, bleed sizes, and fold lines, we aim to provide you with all the tools needed for creating high-quality, customized products.