Permission denied error during installation of Opencart Extension

If you install a new module in your Opencart store, you can see the permission denied error if not followed the requisite steps. We are explaining some steps to you those need to be followed, using these steps you can solve your problem the easy way. This error happened because you haven’t given permission in the user group.

When you installed the Opencart extension then go to “Admin>Extensions>Extensions>Modules”. then you install the module after that when you click to edit the module which you currently installed module then you may face a “Permission denied” error message appearsYou do not have permission to access this page. Please refer to your system administrator”.

1 error deny

This error happened because you haven’t given permission from the user group. You need to give permission first after that you can check again in the module Permission denied error will not appear.

If you have faced permission denied related errors.

You need to go to “Admin>System>User>User Groups”. You can choose your user group and then edit your user group. When you edit the user group then open the” Access Permission” and “Modify Permission” box you can give the permission.

2 deny error

If you have installed a new Opencart module and you are getting a permission denied error. It means that your user group does not have the right to view or edit the module.

What you need to do is go to “Admin>System>User>User Groups”. Select your user group from the list.

Then select your module permissions both in the Access permission box and Modify permission box and hit the save button.

When you selected the edit user group and select your module permissions then all the module permissions will be granted after selecting the permissions related to the extension and clicking on the save button. If any permission hasn’t been granted then that particular function will not appear.

So you should grant all permissions related to the extensions installed in the user group.



So, select your module related permissions both in the Access permission box and Modify permission box. You need to select modules permissions in the both “Access permission box and Modify permission box” one by one through the checkbox in which you installed the current module. Then click the save button.

After saving the user Group permissions then go to “Admin>Extensions>Extensions>Modules”. Then, you can check again the “Permission Denied” error message will be vanish.