OTP verification on customer registration in Opencart using Purpletree Two Factor Authentication, OTP and SMS Notifications extension

Purpletree 2 Factor Authentication, OTP and SMS Notification extension for Opencart allows the customer to register at the frontend website only after OTP verification on their mobile number, this will allow admin to have only genuine users on their website which are real customers. This way non-essential users or computer-based hacks, moreover by this way admin would get to know the user is genuine and admin could send future SMS notifications on user mobile number which they have used while signing in and are not just spam mobile numbers.

Admin could easily set up the extension and enable the SMS Verification on customer Registration. Just login to the admin panel and go to Purpletree SMS > Settings. From there click on SMS Verification Tab and there is an option to Enable the Verification on Registration. To set Template from admin there is a text area below the Template field. Enter the text which you want to send on SMS to the customer. For One Time Password just Enter ­ _OTP_ and rest the text as you won't like as we have already set the default string text as. Your Verification Code is _OTP_. Just replace the text with whatever text you would like to send to the customer. Just remember that _OTP_ must be included in the message for the OTP number to be sent successfully to the customer.

1 otp

There is also an option to send a type of Verification. One is E-Mail only, then another is Mobile only, and the last one is for both i.e. Mobile and E-Mail. For Mobile Verification Valid SMS API URL must be configured to work properly, else customers would not be able to receive SMS on their Mobile. We have also provided E-Mail Verification. Admin can choose to Verification for Mobile and E-Mail also. If a user is not able to receive Mobile SMS due to some issue in SMS API, they would check their email for verification OTP for Email. Please also note that Mobile OTP and E-mail OTP are verified individually a customer would receive different OTP for Mobile and Different for E-Mail. So, if your SMS API is not working then just Enable Verification for E-mail only. This will be beneficial for both end-user and admin. No need to purchase any API for E-Mail. Just Install the Purpletree 2 step authentication, OTP and SMS Notification for Opencart on your website and Enable it from Settings and admin is ready to go with just a few clicks.

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On the Customer side for Purpletree two factor Authentication, OTP and SMS Notification for Opencart to work, the customer just has to go to the registration form for Verification On registration. If this extension is enabled then on registration form E-Mail ID and Telephone is required for Register to work properly. The user has to enter Valid E-Mail ID and Valid Telephone number. If everything is correct then click on the Continue button and Popup for Verification of E-Mail Id and Mobile number. Enter Valid OTP you have received for Mobile and E-Mail on respective Textboxes and click on confirm. If the User has not received any one of the OTP then they can also click on Resend Button it will resend the OTP on Mobile and E-Mail again. Just make sure to Enter New OTP for both E-Mail and Mobile if the Resend button is clicked.

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More details of Purpletree Two Factor Authentication, OTP and SMS Notifications can be found here.