Implementing Multiple Subscription Plans in OpenCart Multi Vendor

OpenCart is a versatile, open-source e-commerce platform that supports a variety of extensions to enhance its functionality. The Multi-Vendor extension allows for the creation of a marketplace where multiple vendors can sell their products. One key feature of this extension is the ability to offer multiple subscription plans for vendors. This article will guide you through setting up and managing multiple subscription plans in OpenCart Multi-Vendor.

Benefits of Multiple Subscription Plans

  1. Increased Revenue: Generate consistent income from vendors through subscription fees.
  2. Tiered Services: Offer varying levels of service and features to vendors based on their subscription plans.
  3. Vendor Segmentation: Cater to different types of vendors with tailored plans.
  4. Scalability: Allow vendors to upgrade their plans as their business grows, ensuring long-term engagement.

Setting Up Multiple Subscription Plans

Step 1: Enable Multiple Subscription Plans

  1. Access Admin Panel: Log in to your OpenCart admin panel.
  2. Navigate to Settings: Go to Multivendor > Settings.
  3. Enable Multiple Subscription Plans: Under the Subscription Plan heading, find the option labeled "Enable Multiple Subscription Plan" and select "Yes". This enables the functionality of multiple subscription plans.
    1 oc mv plans

Step 2: Add Multiple Subscription Plans

  1. Go to Seller Subscriptions: Navigate to Multivendor > Seller Subscriptions.
  2. View Subscriptions: Click on the View Subscription button.

Step 3: Assign New Seller Plan

  1. Assign New Plan: Click on the Assign New Seller Plan button located at the top right of the page.
  2. Select Seller and Plan:
    • This page will display the seller's name and their current plan.
    • Select the new seller plan from the Seller Plan dropdown.
    • Select the subscription status. Note that this status can be changed later if needed.

      2 oc mv plans

Step 4: Managing Plan Status

  • Pending Plan: If the vendor's previous plan is pending, you will not be able to assign a new plan until the status of the previous plan is updated. Change the status of the previous plan to proceed with assigning a new plan.

Step 5: Confirmation and Invoice Generation

  1. Confirmation Page: After selecting the new plan, the next page will provide a confirmation with detailed information.
    • Current Plan: Displays the current plan's start and end date along with its validity.
    • New Plan Details: Shows the new plan's start and end date.
    • Joining Fees: The joining fee of the new plan will be added to the subtotal and grand total.
    • Subscription Fees: These will also be added to the subtotal and grand total.
    • Admin Tax: Any applicable taxes will be included in the subtotal and grand total.
  2. Save and Generate Invoice: Click Save & Generate Invoice to finalize the plan assignment and generate an invoice for the vendor.

    3 mc plans

Best Practices for Managing Subscription Plans

  1. Offer a Variety of Plans: Provide multiple tiers of subscription plans (e.g., Basic, Standard, Premium) to meet the needs of different vendors.
  2. Highlight Plan Features: Clearly communicate the benefits and features of each plan to help vendors choose the best option for their business.
  3. Ease of Upgrade: Ensure that vendors can easily upgrade their plans as their business grows.
  4. Regular Plan Reviews: Periodically review and adjust your subscription plans based on vendor feedback and marketplace performance.


Implementing multiple subscription plans in OpenCart Multi Vendor allows you to offer tailored services to vendors while generating consistent revenue. By following the steps outlined above, you can efficiently set up and manage subscription plans, ensuring a smooth experience for both you and your vendors.

For further assistance or more detailed guidance, please refer to the official Purpletree OpenCart Multi Vendor documentation or contact Purpletree support.