How to set the home page in ShopAmaze - Responsive Opencart 3 Theme

ShopAmaze is 100% responsive, lightweight and Ultra-Fast, Simple yet Beautiful OpenCart 3x theme. ShopAmaze opencart theme provides many home page and product page module. Home page module like Featured product module, Top rated product module, Floating popup module, Popular Category module and Product page module like recently view product module, Cross sale module. This module makes your website home page more attractive and beautiful. ShopAmaze theme easy to install and theme setting is very easy.

Home page setting

First of all, install the theme as per user guide and go to the left navigation menu and select the extension and click on it After that, go to extension > select Theme edit your default store theme and change Theme Directory default to ShopAmaze. After that, click on the Save button.


Go to Extensions>Extensions>select module and install PurpleTree ShopAmaze Theme Settings module click on the edit button. Here you can set your website main menu as per your choice like standard Menu and Megamenu Menu. You can also set the Megamenu image dimension and your website social link. After the theme setting, you can click on the Save button.

2 shopamaze

Again go to Extensions>Extensions>select module and install all home page modules like PurpleTree ShopAmaze Best Seller products module, PurpleTree ShopAmaze New Arrivals, PurpleTree ShopAmaze Parallax Block module, PurpleTree ShopAmaze Popup module, PurpleTree ShopAmaze Top Rated Products, etc. After installing all modules edit all home page modules and give all the required information and save it.

PurpleTree ShopAmaze Best Seller products Module

This Module shows all Bestseller product base of product sell.

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PurpleTree ShopAmaze New Arrivals Module

This module shows a new arrivals product. In PurpleTree ShopAmaze Module you can select new arrivals products by using the drop-down list and give limit, height, width, and status.


PurpleTree ShopAmaze Parallax Block Module

Using this module you can set your store parallax block. In this module edit page, you can enter the background image, foreground image, Description and status of the module.


PurpleTree ShopAmaze Popup Module

You can use this model to show a module in the Popup box. When you edit this module you can give height and width of Popup box and Select module for Popup box, Add custom CSS and set module status. 


PurpleTree ShopAmaze Top Rated Products Module

This Module shows top-rated products based on the product rating. When you can edit this module setting you can give Module name, Product limit, No of product in Slide, Height, width, and status of the module.


For set, all home page modules go to navigation menu>design> Layout > select home page and edit set all module using add module button in Content Top field as your choice. After setting all module your home page looks like this.


More details of Purpletree ShopAmaze - Responsive Opencart 3 theme can be found here.