How to set order and order delivery SMS notification in Opencart 2 Factor Authentication extension

PurpleTree Two-factor authentication plugin is an additional security layer for your business, sometimes referred to as two-step verification or dual-factor authentication, is a security process in which the user provides two different authentication factors to verify themselves to better protect both the user’s credentials and the resources the user can access. 2 steps authentication provides a higher level of assurance. In which the user provides only one factor — typically a password or passcode. Two-factor authentication app relies on users providing a password as well as a second factor, usually either a security token or a sort message factor.

‘Username and password’ approach to security is easy prey for cybercriminals in today online environment. Two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA or two-step verification, adds another layer of security. Two-factor authentication extension provides the functionally to authenticate the customer on a store. Opencart two-factor authentication extension is very useful in many ways like if the information of users that admin have is appropriate admin can easily contact to the user very easily through the mail and contact number. In that, we have provided the choice where admin wants to show the popup.

1 two factor

Advantage of two factor authentication extension:

Improve security.

Secure online relationships.

SMS-two factor authentication decreases the probability of fraud.

Admin can easily contact to the customer.


First Goto: Purpletree SMS-> setting. After that, you should have to fill SMS API URL in the text field with username, password, text and sender id.

2 two factor

Bulk SMS:

Click on bulk SMS tab and set enable status.


3 two factor

After that goto: customers -> customers.

After that, you will get the following page.

4 two factor

Select one or more customer for send the message after that you will have to click on send bulk SMS button. After that, you will get given page for sending a message.

5 two factor

Now you should write sort message and click on the send button.

Order SMS:

This sort of message will come when the order had received by admin. For this message, you should have to set enable status and set template text message in the text box.

6 two factor

Order delivery SMS:

First, you should have to enable status and set the template text. After that, you will have to send a message when the order status will complete. This message sends automatically after according to order status.

7 two factor

More details of Purpletree Two Factor Authentication, OTP and SMS Notifications can be found here.