How to set “Buy Design only” button in Opencart custom product designer

This extension has multiple features to print product design (web to print). In this article, we have the process of creating a product design. Purpletree opencart product designer is the best-selling extension on opencart cms. We have given a complete overview of these functionalities and how to use them and get complete information about them. We use this extension to print many types of products like cup print, cloth, pen, plate, and other products. We can print the design of gift products. That is making attractive your product design. This extension can make product design very easy.

(More details of Purpletree Custom Product Designer for Opencart can be found here.)

First of all, we will enable the “Buy Design Only Button” from the setting.

Go to admin > Purpletree custom product designer > setting > general > Buy Design Only Button.

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When we will enable the “Buy Design Only” button from the setting then you will get a button on the product designer page. Customers can purchase a design that is defined by the admin. Customers can purchase designs from the product design and product template design pages. It is a very useful extension for us because customers can design the page and purchase it itself.

Now we will go to the product page. We will get some options for the designer page. First, we will click on the “Get custom Design” button. Customers will get a product designer page. On this page, customers will create product designs in a very simple way. Customers can create designs and make very easily like add text, add clipart image, add an icon, add shapes and upload images also.  After that final image will see very attractive.

Just like that, we will do this with a template product designer. Like add text, add clipart, add icons, add shapes and upload images. These will see something like.

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We will set content in product designer. With this, the customer can design very attractive images. This will make the business of the admin very good. Admin can set many labels to the customer and admin can set limit of the layer which is used by the customer. Before buying the design, we can set layers, images, and drag and move up and move down also. Customers can save all content of the design area. After completing the product design, we will click on the “Buy Design Only” button. As soon as, we click this button. Design images will add to the cart. After that, you fill in all customer detail and we will place the order. After completing the order, the customer can download images and pdf to print the design. We can see the following picture to download product images.

For this image, we will log in to the customer account and go to the order view page. After opening this page, the customer will click on the view button. After clicking the view button, we will get the following page to download images and pdf.

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Product designer extension is best selling extension opencart cms. With this extension, you can improve your business. You can make very attractive images to print cups, t-shirt, and other products. By this extension, Admin can improve your business and get profit also