How to print book in custom product designer extension for opencart

Purpletree Custom Product Designer is the best-selling extension for printing more products. With this extension, we can design the online product very well. Through this extension, we can take our business to a higher dimension in the world of print. With this extension, we can print many products online. Which, we go to the market to design and get printed. Now this print work can be done by the customer sitting at home. And admin can get print orders at his shop. This will also save the time of the customer and admin. Admin can also deliver the designed product on time.

All these features are available in Purpletree custom product designer extension. Through this extension, customers can design many products like Cup, Pen, Invitation cards, Business cards, T-shirts, Book print, Diary print, Banner print, and cards, etc. Admin can also set his own product background image.

In this extension, we will only tell you about how to print a book. With this extension, we will tell how to print the book through pdf file. With this feature, the book can be printed very accurately. This benefits both the customer and the admin. Because the customer will only upload the PDF sitting at home and the admin can download that PDF and print the book and give cover. When the customer will upload the pdf, then according to the number of pages in that pdf, the amount will be charged according to the page and the admin can set the amount for the cover page also.

First of all, we will go to Purpletree custom product designer settings and set the no of options for book printing. If you fill two in the text box then two options like PDF Option 1 and PDF Option 2 are automatically created in product options.

Go to admin > Purpltree custom product designer > settings. After that, you will get the following option.

1 book print

After saving this setting, you will have to add/edit a product. When you will add/edit products then you will found the custom product designer tab. Before this, you will have to fill all required fields of the product after that you will fill all fields of a custom product designer.

First of all, you will have to enable set “No” for book print and you will have to select the book print option “Yes”. And you will have to fill price per page. This price will apply per page accordingly. If you want to set a bookbinding price then you will have to set “Yes” and set the price of the binding price. Any will set description also.

2 book print

After that, you will have to set the option of the product. Some options will be created when you will set the book print setting. Some created options will appear in the product option. Product option names can be like PDF Option 1, 2, 3, and so on. Another option will not work for book print. You will have to select PDF Option1 and set the required field “Yes”.

3 book print

You will see the book print product something like the following page. Now you can upload pdf to print book.  After uploading the pdf file, you can see the no of pages of pdf. Per page price will apply according to pages. Something like, this extension is very useful to the online print. This extension has more useful features. This is to improve your business.

4 book print