Hiding Toolbar Elements in OpenCart Product Designer

Purpletree Custom Product Designer is a very popular extension for Opencart CMS. With this extension, the admin can improve your business. By this extension, the admin can set the design for the customer. Customers can design products such as cups, T-shirts, pens, diaries, school bags, etc.

In the Purpletree Custom Product Designer extension, we can also hide the design tools. Admin can use the Hide Design Tool from the Admin Panel on the Add/Edit design product. First, we have to remove all the design tools. For this, we have to go to the admin panel. After that, we will go to the extension "PurpleTree Custom Product Designer". And we will click on the "Managing Products" sub-menu. As soon as, we will click on the "Manage Products" sub-menu. After that, we can see the design product list here. We can add/edit design products. After that, we will go to the "Custom Product Designer" tab. And we will see the following page.

1 hide

We can see here that Max Total Layers, Max Text Layers, Max Clipart Layers, Max Image Layers, Max Icon Layers and Max Shape Layers. The maximum total layers must be less than all layers. The client cannot add more layers than the maximum total number of layers. With the default value of max total layers equal to 999 and the default value of other layers, we can see the above image. If the admin wants to hide some design tools. Then the admin can do it. For this, the admin has to set the design tool layer to zero here. As soon as the admin sets the max layers to zero. Then special design tools will hide here.  

2 Hide

If the admin has set the max layer to zero. after that, we cannot see the design option here. For example, If the admin wants to hide an image, icon and shape then the admin will have to set max image layers to zero. and after that above layers is not visible on the product design page.

3 Hide

In the image above, you can see here, that some layers (maximum image layers, max icons and max size) are not visible here.

If the admin sets the maximum total layers to blank then the maximum total layers, with the default value set to 999. Similarly, the other max layer here has a default value of 99. If you have cleared all fields for max layers then it sets the default value and all designer tools have to be visible on the product designer page.

4 hide

That's how we talk about child products. When the admin creates a child product and this type of product will appear in the "Browse Product" button on the product design page.

For child products, the admin needs to go to the "Purpletree Custom Product Design" menu. After that admin will go to the "Child Product" sub-menu. If the admin wants to add child products. So the admin has to follow the given steps.

Go to > Admin > Purpletree Custom Product Designer > Manage Products.

On the Manage Products page, you will find the "Add Child Product" button. When we will click on "Add Child Product" after that we will get the layers field here. We will fill in all the fields here. Now something like this. Admin can add/edit child products here.