How to do Store survey in Purpletree Store Survey extension

The Opencart survey extension enables you to setup survey questions for visitors to your store. 
 There are many criteria for the selection of the survey audience. You can take the survey audience vote in the form of the option. You can see the survey result in a form of survey chart and survey report. You can use Purpletree Store Survey extension for knowing your Opencart store service feedback and product quality.

How Purpletree Store Survey work

First of all, you can install Purpletree Store Survey extension with the help of the user guide. In user guide Installation process explains step by step, definitely user guide is helpful for the installation process.

After success full install you can see Purpletree customer survey plugin option show in the left side navigation menu. Click on it you can see two option Survey details and Survey Report. In survey details, you can add a question for the survey and In Survey report you can see survey result in form of chart and report.

How to add Question for Survey

Click on Purpletree Survey in the left side Navigation menu and select Survey details and click on it. You will reach on the Surveys page.

1 store survey

For add Question for survey click on add button. You will reach on Add Question from the page. Here you can enter your question and question answers in the form of option and choose question status. After that, click on the save button top right corner. Thereafter, you will reach the Question list page.

2 store survey

To edit a question, click on the action button in front of the question (to be edited). Here you can edit the question, add a new option, edit option and you can delete option and also you can change the question status.

3 store survey

How to view Survey result

Click on Purpletree Survey in the left side Navigation menu and select Survey Report and click on it. You will reach on Survey Report. For show result in form of chart click on Survey Chart tab.

4 store survey

For show result in the form of the report click on Survey Report tab

5 store survey

How to set Survey

You can add/remove the right column by adding/removing the path ‘extension/survey/survey’ from account layout. Go to ‘Design->Layouts’ edit account layout, add a new root and enter the path ‘extension/survey/survey’ and save the layout. To remove, just remove the path from the layout.

Survey page look like this on the customer side

6 store survey

More details of Purpletree Opencart Customer Survey extension can be found here.