How to design a sample custom t-shirt by Product Designer module

In the Purpletree Online Product Designer module have a different kind of functionality that allows customers can easily design their custom product and order them. The Opencart custom product designer is the best module in terms of quality and price everyone can easily create their own custom products design of anything.

How to add text?

  • In the Opencart product designer to add text click to add text button then a window will be popup then add your custom text whatever you want to display above.

1 custom tshirt

  • To design your T-shirt or anything you need to follow some steps. In below we have described each and every step of functionality.

2 custom tshirt

  • Text: — In the text, the user can give their own text what he/she wants to display on the product image.
  • Text Font Family: -In the font family the user can select and style their font style.
  • Text color: — In the text color users can select their text colors like blue, yellow, green, etc.
  • Text BG color: — In text background color user can select the background from the color picker pop-up and the user can also reset the background color.
  • Text font size: — In the text font size user can select their font size of the text which is written in the layer.
  • Text style: -In-text style user can select the text style like BOLD, Italic and Underline.
  • Text Outline color: — In the outline, color user can select the outline color of the text.

How to add the image and clipart?

  • To add the image in the Purpletree Opencart custom product click to add clipart or Upload Image button.

3 custom tshirt

  • Select your logo or whatever image you want to add to the product. For example, I have selected Levi’s logo just to show you how you can add the image or clipart by using Opencart product designer plugin.

4 custom tshirt

  • In this step, I have completed my design so you can see the demo of your custom design by using a view button. When you click above the view button, then a window will open in the window you can see your preview of your custom design how it is looking.

5 custom tshirt

Basic functionality of a product designer plug-in

  • In the image, we have mentioned the steps in counting.

6 custom tshirt

  1. When a user clicks to the button the layer becomes revert mean flip the structure of image and text whatever it is.
  2. The second one is used to align the layer to horizontal.
  3. In the third one used for the vertical-align the layer.
  4. Shift left a particular layer.
  5. Shift right to a particular layer.
  6. Shift up a particular layer.
  7. Shift down a particular layer.
  8. Delete the selected layer.
  9.  Copy the selected layer.
  10. Rest the whole product design.
  11. To view the demo of custom design.
  12. Undo used to take a step backward.
  13. Redo used to take a step forward.

Layering System in Purpletree Opencart Product Designer

  • In the layering system it is very easy to understand the logic of layers how they work this is the same as like Photoshop layering system if you don’t know that don’t worry we will explain each and everything but if you know that will be some help for you.

7 custom t

  • Whenever every time user clicks to add something new, then the new layer created automatically.
  • We use this in the way the user can up and down the layers and left to right as too.
  • Always remember that selected layers are remains on the top.

More details of Purpletree Custom Product Designer for opencart can be found here.