How to add text in Purpletree custom product designer extension

Purpletree Opencart product designer plugin is a very powerful designing tool for products. It allowed your customers to create a design on the t-shirt, labels, stickers, lettering, mugs, and business card which needs to be customized online products before ordering. When customers purchase a product on your website then he/she can customize the online products before ordering and view product design after a complete customization process. There are different ways for your customers for product designing.

This opencart custom product designer extension is very simple and user-friendly to customize your products. In this extension, customers can add different types of google fonts and use their font on online custom product designing. Your customer can add text with multiple properties and change text properties like text background color, text color, font size, shadow, text-align, rotation, line height, outline width, and outline color, horizontal and vertical scale, etc. these text properties make your design very attractive.

When a customer adds text on a product image then your customer will get a text layer in the layers menu. The background image is set to default. Background image, the customer cannot change. The background image can move up and move down. Customers can delete any layer of text, clipart, and imported image. You can enable any product on the admin side for customization using the purpletree opencart custom product design extension. This extension allows any user to design his own graphics with a real image live product preview. Customers can generate the print for the order. Customers can complete themselves with graphic uploaded images.

If you want to add text on the product then you should click on the “Add text” link after that you will get a dialog box of text and text properties. When clicking on add text link you will get default text “Hello” on the product image. After selecting the layer, you can change the text of the layer.

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Font family

Customers can change google font and make a stylish design.

Text color

Customers can choose a different color from the color picker and use a different color for product designing.

Font size

Customers can change font sizes according to the canvas area. If the font size is greater then the canvas area text will hide in canvas.

Background color

Customers can change text background color easily. It offers an attractive design.


It is very powerfully featured to make product design. Shadow has different properties Right, Bottom, Blur and color.

Text style

Customers can change the text style of select layers like bold text, italic text and underline.

Text align

Customers can change text-align like left align, center align and left align which is change position of the text.

Horizontal scale

Customers can change the scale of text in horizontal.

Vertical scale

Customers can change the scale of text in vertical.


Customers can move 360 degrees.

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Line height

Customers can change line-height. The line-height is the distance between two lines.

Outline width

Customers can change the outline width for text only.

Outline Color

Customers can change the outline color of product design text.

Opencart custom product design extension is very easy to use and a user-friendly extension.

More details of Purpletree Custom Product Designer for Opencart can be found here.